Romantic rejection can be crushing but it is important to handle it positively. Explore this article to know how to handle romantic rejection.

How To Handle Romantic Rejection


“Love comforteth like sunshine after rain - William Shakespeare.  Although, the genius said that love gives comfort to those who seek it, there are times when one finds pain from it for how else a romantic tragedy would have been crafted. We fall in and out of love all the time. You may cope with falling out of love; it is difficult actually to handle a rejection when you are still in love with that person. It can be a big blow to your self-esteem and you may lose faith in the whole system itself. It is true that when the heart breaks it pains the most. However, the world doesn’t end there and life moves on. And we have to move on with life. Explore these pointers to know how to handle romantic rejection and move on with positivity.
Tips For Handling Romantic Rejection 
  • You might feel that the world has come to an end for you, it hasn’t and you need to get that into your system. If he or she doesn’t love you doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.
  • Don’t deny the truth. If the other person has told you on the face, he/she probably will not change his/her mind. So, instead of circling around the futile, try to come over it and accept the fact.
  • Don’t blame yourself and don’t blame the person who rejected you. Remember that she/he has not rejected you completely; it’s just that they don’t feel the same way you do.
  • Stop loving him/her. Sometimes it happens that even after we have accepted the truth, we keep on thinking about the person. Although it may be very hard to get over him/her, it is for your betterment.
  • Don’t start dating anyone until you’re completely over your crush. Just after you have gone through a romantic rejection, you may not be in a state of making right decision and may end up being in another failed relationship.
  • It is completely normal to feel low and depressed or even angry. Keep yourself occupied and confide it to a person if you feel that is right. You can also write it, as it will help you channelize your frustrations. Read online blogs about the people who have gone through the same as it may also help you understand the pain better and you will get over it faster.
  • Remember that nobody can help you get over your crush than you. Decide that you want to get over that and convince yourself to do the same.
  • Keep in mind that someone else is waiting out there for you and the person who has rejected you was not your soul mate.
  • Everything happens for good. Although this may be the last thing you would want to hear, it is true. You shouldn’t settle for something which was not worth it.
  • It is really okay to feel bad and mourn. However, excess of anything is bad and if you feel bad all the time, then you can take help of friends and families. Don’t bottle the emotions inside you.
  • Keep yourself busy with constructive activities. It will keep you occupied and you wouldn’t think much about your crush. Go for trips and indulge into favorite hobbies.
  • Don’t hesitate to take professional help if you feel your love is turning into obsession.
  • This occasion gives you time to introspect. Think what was it that made the relationship a failure. Examine what you want with your partner and what are the things, which you are willing to give. Be realistic and you would soon find the love of your life.

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