Many of us have difficulty in accepting compliments. Explore through this article, tips on how to receive compliments.

How To Receive Compliments

“A compliment is a verbal sunshine.” Most of us know how to pay compliments, fake or otherwise. However, very few of us really know how to accept them gracefully. Majority of the time, we just brush off the topic, get self-conscious or tongue-tied. We get embarrassed and don’t know how to act and handle the situation. Although we are taught from childhood to say “thank you”, when it comes to using it (when complimented), it becomes a difficult task. However, it is very important to accept the compliments gracefully, not only for feeling confident, but also for getting rid of insecurities about oneself. When you receive a compliment and receive it in the proper way, you encourage people to praise you more. Want to know how to receive compliments properly? If yes, then read on and know the best known tactics for accepting compliments with grace and elegance.
Tips For Accepting Compliments 
  • A simple “thank you” is enough to let your happiness be known to the admirer. It is very simple and easy to utter and the best way to reply a compliment.
  • Let your body posture convey self-confidence. Stand straight and smile. A slumped, slouched posture will show that either you don’t believe in the compliment or you aren’t confident enough to accept it.
  • Don’t shy away and try to take the subject off you, without conceding to the compliment. Have a broad smile ready for the person who admired you.
  • Even if you think you were awful, if people are complimenting you, it is rude to tell them you were horrible, or it was your worst performance. In addition, it is an insult to the people who have taken out time to compliment you.
  • If it is a dress that you are getting compliments for, you can say you got it from somewhere, how great the shop was, etc. It will further the conversation too. However, refrain from using sentences like, “I paid too much for it”.
  • You can also return the compliment you by saying that the compliment means a lot to you or something like that, along the same line.
  • Don’t argue with your admirer and don’t compare your performances to anybody else’s. It’s superfluous and just shows how self absorbed you are.
  • Even when you have the nagging feeling that the compliment is a hidden sarcasm, don’t take it negatively. Accept it gracefully and smile.
  • Don’t bask too much in self-glory. Smile and accept the compliment with elegance, but make sure you don’t come off as too egocentric and self-centered.
  • Avoid the temptation of belittling yourself. Coming out as rejecter just shows you in poor light.
  • Practice the conversation in front of a mirror. Assume that you are being complimented and say thanks with a smile. It will not only help you when you are caught off guard, but will also help you develop confidence.
  • Pay close attention when you are getting compliments. Looking here and there or sending messages on phone will be rude. So, look the person in the eyes, smile, and say “thank you” kindly.
  • Don’t just wait for the person to compliment you more. It doesn’t put you in good light. Even when you are telling the people about your achievements, keep it brief and don’t brag about them.

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