Want to express your soft spot for him? Explore the article given below to know how to tell a man you like him.

How To Tell A Man You Like Him

You have seen him, have fallen for him, and have even gone out with him few times. You are sure he is the “one”. You have even dreamt of him being your knight in shining armor. However, that is the extent of it. He doesn’t seem to make any further move and you are dying for him to ask you out for a “real” date. You never knew waiting could be this painful. Telling a man you like him can be one of the most difficult things you can do. You don’t want to come out as desperate and needy. Neither do you want to let go off your feminism streak by asking him out blatantly. However, you cannot let Mr. Right go out of your hand this easily. So what can you do? Wait till eternity until he asks you out? You don’t have to keep pining for him until he asks you out. Instead, you could ask him out and with the help of few tricks, you won’t come out as desperate. Explore these pointers to know how you can tell him you like him.
Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him
  • One of the most helpful things can be your body language. You don’t have to tell him directly, just look at him for a long time, fix your eyes on him and smile invitingly.  However, don’t gawk and look slutty as it may put him off.
  • Nothing works better than flirting. So be a flirt expert, flirt endlessly in a classy way, and keep him wondering what you are up to. If he is interested in you, he will ask you out.
  • Instead of going out in a big group, try having him alone with you. Unless he is alone with you, he wouldn’t know you are interested in him. So generate occasions where you could be alone together. Hopefully he would understand your interest in him and then it’s his call.
  • Be humorous and laugh heartily when you are with him. Make sure that he is having a good time with you. Unless you both are comfortable being alone together, the spark will not generate.
  • Focus your entire attention on him. Inflate his ego by listening to him intently. Praise him gently and see him drawn to you like a magnet.
  • Remember his special days like his birthdays and give him special gifts. Watch his soccer matches and make sure that he knows that you are there whenever he wants.
  • Don’t be too casual as the transition from a friend to a lover is very difficult. You need to make sure he doesn’t snub you as just a friend.
  • Don’t get too clingy. Whenever you are there in a group with him even though you need to focus your attention on him, you need to keep him intrigued by not being too clingy and desperate.
  • He should never in any case take you for granted. And, for that create an aura of mystery around you. He is sure to get attracted like a moth to a flame.
  • Ask his friends about him cleverly. Know whether he is in any relationship and what he thinks of you. If you have common friends, then you may give a hint of your liking to your common friends and even after that if he acts dumb, then he may not be interested in you.
  • Lastly, you could just tell him that you like him. There is no use of wasting your time on something, which may not have any future. Make yourself clear and choose a romantic setting. Smile and just tell him you like him a lot and ask him what he thinks of you. Be prepared for rejection.

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