Double dating can be fun and exciting. Read on this article to know how to go on a double date.

How To Go On A Double Date

Remember in ‘FRIENDS’ how Joey takes Chandler for double dating and Chandler ends up dating his annoying ex girlfriend. You have heard about them, seen your friends doing them and now you want to plunge into ‘double dating’. Double dating can seem like a very simple and fun thing to do but can be unnerving especially when you don’t have any clue on how to go about it. The first thing, which you have to think before you plan DDing (double dating) is that your partner is completely comfortable with the idea otherwise it can ruin a completely perfect night. If your partner is happy and if you want to bring your best friend along with her date, thinking about the double date ideas shouldn’t be a big deal. Explore these pointers to know how to make your double dating fun and exciting.
Double Dating Tips 
  • If you are going out for a dinner make sure that other couple are okay with the restaurant. The date and the time should be fixed with consent of both the couples.
  • It is not advisable to go on a double date with a couple who have just hitched up as they would like to spend time alone and it may be awkward for you.
  • If both the couples don’t know each other very well then you should spend some time for getting to know each other. It is also advisable to go on date with like-minded people as going out with different set of people can be really boring.
  • You can set a meeting at your or their place before you go to dinner so that another couple will not have to wait for you or vice versa. If it is your best friend you are taking to the DDing, tell your date and your friend about each other beforehand.
  • It is also not good to take your coworker for a double dating. Your yaps about the office may put the other two to boredom mode.
  • In addition, the seating arrangement should be such that a couple sits with each other probably across the other couple. Make sure the other date of opposite sex doesn’t sit next to you. It allows you to have some private moments with your date also.
  • Never in any case get too personal and spill your beans in the public or even poke them for answering such questions. Roam around safe topics like movies, music, games etc.
  • If both the couples are in a relationship for quite some time then you can go for a picnic. It would be fun and will help you get to know each other in a quite informal environment.
  • Make sure the couple don’t get all touchy feely in front of you. It just makes the situation awkward and if such sticky state arises, give a hint that they are over the line. Say something on the lines are, “ohh, you guys are like honeymooners, you must have not met in a long time”.
  • If you don’t want to take a risk but are forced to invite another couple then you can go for a movie before the dinner. This will lessen the awkward moments, which you are forced to spend with them, and possibly, they would get the hint and won’t tag along with you next time.
  • You can also invite an elderly couple for double dating if they are not boring. Just make sure they are not too traditionalist and allow you to have some private moments too.
  • Have discussions about who would pick the tab beforehand only. It is also okay to go dutch for the bills. If you are picking an upscale restaurant then make sure the other couple is all right with it. Choose a restaurant of everyone’s choice.
  • You can also go bowling; go carting or river rafting if both the couples are adventurous. It will be a fun date for you both. After that you can go for dinner and then you will have more things to talk about and will help you bond better.

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