The concept of a girl approaching a guy for a date is considered totally normal now-a-days. Read on the tips given below and know how to approach a guy.

How To Approach A Guy

You went to a friend’s party and found a very handsome guy checking you out. Though you are sure that he was interested in you, he chickened out of approaching you and you, being a girl, did not think it right to approach him too. The result - you lost out on a great guy and what probably could have been the starter to a date and probably much more. In this case, you were as much at fault as him. It is the 21st century and the concept of a girl ‘approaching a guy for a date’ is considered extremely normal. There is nothing bad about it. So, next time, if you like a guy, go ahead and talk to him. In case you are a bit nervous and need some tips for the same, read on.
How to Approach a Guy
No Hesitation
Gone are the days when it was considered bad for a girl to approach a guy. In fact, these days, guys like if a girl comes forward and approaches them. The reasons for this are many. First, they do not have to make any effort on their part. Second, it shows that the girl likes them, so there is no chance of rejection and a lot of pressure is taken off them. Third, it shows that the girl will not make them go around in circles, just for confirming that she is also interested. So, just go ahead and make the first move.
Oodles of Confidence
Remember, confidence is something that is needed in each and every sphere of life, especially when you are approaching a person. Even if there are butterflies in your stomach, make sure that it does not show and you look totally confident of yourself. Master a sassy walk, maintain eye-contact or just play with your hair. Now, just keep one thing in mind, over-confidence is something that needs to be avoided. Don’t look as if you think yourself to be the supreme person on this planet. Just the look that ‘you know he is interested in you’ is enough.
Master The Look
After you gain his attention, it is the time to lead him on. Make eye contact with him, hold it there for sometime, give a little smile and then, gently move on to something else. Make sure to keeping glancing in his direction every few minutes. However, do not be too obvious and no staring please. Every time you maintain eye contact, make sure not to hold it there for more than a few seconds. This is the perfect way to hook him, wanting for more. However, ensure that you do not appear desperate.
Go It Alone
Now is the time to make your move and approach him. However, do not keep a whole bunch of friends standing behind you. If I’m not mistaken, you are the only one interested in him, not your entire group. In fact, such a scenario is most likely to scare him off. A one-on-one is the thing when you are trying to approach a guy. It will not only make him feel comfortable, but also give you the chance to know each other without any interruptions. Keep the opening line as simple as possible and no sexual overturns please.
Flattery Gets You Everywhere
After you have made the initial contact with him, it is the time to strike a conversation. Please stay away from girly topics. In fact, it is better to find some common interests and talk about them, like movies, sports, and the like. In-between, you can also sneak in a small compliment, like ‘the shirt is looking great on you’ or ‘your hairstyle is looking pretty suave’. Guys also like to be complimented and genuine praise can serve as the perfect ice-breaker between the two of you. After this, you have to decide how to take things further.

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