Are you confused as to what to talk about with your boyfriend, when out on a date? Read the tips given here and explore a lot of things to talk about with your guy.

What to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

If you have just started dating, you will find that many-a-times, long silences seem to creep up between the two of you. Whether he is shy or you are not too outspoken, it can really take the fun out of dating. Though you do not know much about him, it is not difficult to start a conversation. In fact, the early days of a relationship are the ones in which you can really know about each other and go on talking. Try to know what he likes and dislikes, what are the interests you share with him, and so on. In case you are still finding it a bit difficult to initiate conversation, make use of the tips given below. They will provide you with a number of things to talk about with your guy.
What to Talk About With Your Boyfriend 
  • If your boyfriend is a movie buff, talk about the last movie that he saw without you. You can then go on to questions like whether he liked it or not, what was that he exactly liked or disliked about it, and so on.
  • Ask him what his day was like and then, tell him about yours. Now, we are not asking you to start cribbing about your boss or your co-workers. Just tell him something that happened at your place or something as trivial as what you had for lunch. However, don’t bore him with exact details.
  • Talk about the last time you went on a trip, with friends and family. Tell him what all you saw, the funny things you did and what you really liked about the place. Encourage him to share his own experiences as well.
  • If both of you are interested in the same game, talk about the same. You can share your views about the latest World No 1 tennis player or the best ranking batsmen in the world.
  • Try to know more about him - what kind of music does he likes, which is his favorite tennis player/soccer team, which movie genre interests him, whether he likes to travel or not, and the like.
  • Guys love humor. So, narrate a funny incident that happened with you sometime back. However, do not make fun of people around you. You can also share some amusing jokes with him, no PJs please.
  • Always read newspaper and be up-to-date with the world. Most of the guys are fully aware of the things happening in the world. If you are an avid reader, you will find many topics on which both of you can talk.
  • Read a magazine together, be it a filmy one or a sports one, which interests both of you. You will get a wide range of topics which are fun and engaging to talk about.
  • Finally, do not go on blabbering all the time and make sure to give him some time to talk too. Be silent for a few minutes and most probably, you will see him coming up with a topic that interests him. Otherwise, start initiating the conversation again.

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