Talking to a girl you like is not as nerve-wracking as it seems to be. All it needs is the right technique. Learn how to talk to women, with the tips given in the article.

How To Talk To Women

Many men become speechless whenever they come across an attractive woman, who, they are interested in. If you are hoping to befriend the girl whom you have come across recently or want to ask her on a date, then striking up a conversation can become a bit nerve wracking. It can be intimidating, especially when you are an unfamiliar face to her. It can build up the tension, if you are not adept at the art of striking up a conversation, effortlessly. With the tips given in the following lines, you will know how to talk to women.
Talking To A Girl You Like 
  • If you are meeting a woman girl lady to talk, she might tend to be a bit firm, especially when you are a total stranger to her. In such cases, it is wise not to react to her offensively. If you are really interesting in striking up a conversation with her, then be polite, in case she tends to be standoffish.  
  • If she is interested in talking to you, then she would let you know through her body language. It could be a smile, a simple nod or similar gesture. Figure out whether she wants to talk to you or not, and then proceed further.
  • If she has shown you the green signal for a conversation, then start talking by asking questions about herself. For instance, if you have met at work, then ask how her weekend. Such questions are great conversation-starters.
  • Be yourself, while talking to her. Do not pretend to be what you are not. You do not have to fake things, as this is the worst that a woman would expect from a man. Honesty attracts women. Showing your true self would impress her to a great extent.
  • Always stay relaxed, when you are talking to a woman. Wear a pleasant smile, which shows that you are confident, while talking to her. Women love being around men, who have a positive attitude and are confident about their own self. Therefore, wear a smile throughout the conversation. Be sure not to fake it.
  • Listening is a tool to impress women, because they love to be listened. Therefore, lend an ear to her. Listen to whatever she says and show that you are listening through gestures, like nod. It is always wise to open your ears, listen to them and comment on their opinions later on.
  • Talking to a woman doesn't mean that you have to start bragging about your assets, qualities and talk endless. Women appreciate men, who talk sensibly rather than boasting of themselves.
  • Show your interest in what she likes. Learn about her interests, job, opinions, hobbies and favorite hang out. This would help you develop good terms with her and have conversations later on.
  • Make her feel special. Remember, women love to be made feel special about themselves. For the purpose, you do not have to go on praising her. It is as simple as learning about her special interests.

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