Communication is the key to success, but not all of us are aware of the benefits of sweet-talking. Read this tips given in this article and know how to sweet talk.

How To Sweet Talk

According to Rig Veda, a person who talks sweet spends all his/her days in happiness. Now, how many of us really know how to sweet talk? Our tolerance level has gone so low that even a small provocation is enough for us to start hurling abuses (even at a complete stranger). We all know the power of sweet talk, but incorporating it in our respective life is a completely different ball game altogether. However, if you make yourself consciously aware of the benefits of even little sweet-talking, you would wonder why you didn’t integrate it in your life earlier. Just ask yourself a question - who you think will get your help first, an acid tongue lasher or a sweet talker. The answer is pretty clear, the latter. A sweet talk can get you the window-seat in a plane, the best treatment at a restaurant, help from a colleague, lift from a total stranger and sometimes, even a raise or promotion. So, why not incorporate it in your life! Read on to learn the mechanism of sweet talking.
Sweet Talking Tips
Give Respect
Give respect to everyone. Sometimes, a simple smile from you can make the entire day of someone. Never forget to thank the liftman when he opens the lift for you, or your chauffeur, when he opens the door of your car. Give a bright smile to your colleagues as well as the others around you. You would start feeling the change from the next day itself. When you are happy, the world will also be happy for you. Moreover, when you respect someone, you are in least danger of hurting him/her and there is the score for you. So, stick to this motto and see the world changing around you.
Be Sympathetic
We, as human beings, are given the power of understanding and if we don’t integrate it in our life, how can we expect to justify our humane side. Everyone wants sympathy, especially when he/she has gone through a really bad phase in life. Don’t you love it when your friend sympathizes with your grilling schedule at work? So, don’t be a miser for words and let people know that you care.
Humor Mechanism
Everyone likes funny people. Integrate humor in your life and try to search the sunny-side up in everything. You would soon find the ultimate secret of being happy. Tell jokes, poke harmless fun, and see the gloomy mood changing in an instant. However, refrain from sarcasm, as only a few of us can really pull it off without hurting someone’s feeling. Stick to light humor instead.
Be Confident
For sweet talking, being sympathetic alone is not enough. You also need confidence. Don’t let yourself be cast out as too mellow or pushover, as the world will start using you then. Be a confident and levelheaded person, who knows what he/she is doing. Make sure the world knows it too. Don't give anyone a chance to take advantage of you or typecasting you a patsy or a softy.
Flirt A Little
A little flattery never hurts! Be the first one to notice the positive change in a person and compliment on it. For instance, if your colleague is donning a new shirt, don’t forget to shower an admiring compliment on him/her. Congratulate your colleagues on successfully finishing a project. A little flirting with your client can help seal your success. However, never ever give a cheap remark or go over the top in flattery.
Be Spontaneous
Whenever you say something, make sure that it doesn't look like a prepared speech or something well thought of (in advance). It should come out in a spontaneous manner, giving a genuine appearance to your words. If you are a serious person, who doesn’t talk much, it’s time for you to open up. You can practice with your friends and family members and then employ it elsewhere too.

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