Shy guys often face the problem of a lack of confidence and need a lot of dating advice. To help them enjoy a positive and worthwhile date, we have listed dating tips for shy men right here.

Dating Tips For Shy Men

Women like men who carry an aura of confidence around them. They are generally drawn to men who are secure in their skin and project self-assurance. However, there are hardly a few men out there who can boast of that. Majority of the men lack confidence, especially when it comes to interacting with a woman. In case you are one of the latter types, go through the dating tips for shy men, given in the lines below, which will help increase your confidence and make you feel better on a date.
Dating Advice For Shy Guys 
  • The first and the foremost of the dating tips for shy guys is that maintaining eye contact with your date is a must. Looking into the eyes of the other person, especially while talking, portrays you as a confident person. The situation becomes uneasy and uncomfortable if, instead of looking into the eyes, you look down, at your shoes or towards the ground. Make a conscious effort, even if you are not easy with it, to look straight into the eyes of your date.
  • Another one of the important dating tips for shy guys is that you should be audible while talking. While on date, make your voice audible and clear. If you have to repeat what you said a number of times, you might be considered meek and timid.
  • Calculate your body language, so as to project confidence. It is advisable not to keep your arms crossed while talking. It will convey the idea that you keep yourself closed off from others. You may be facing turmoil inside, but don’t let your date see that. Keep your head up and shoulders back, as body language speaks volumes about your personality. It may take some time to inject confidence in your attitude, but once you master it, you will simply adore yourself.
  • While on a date simply RELAX. There are times when shy guys get nervous and start rambling about themselves, unconsciously. Unfortunately, it gives the opinion that you are self-centered and egomaniac. So, just be yourself and relax. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Ask your date about her interests, hobbies, passions and so on. The idea is to take active interest in her likes and dislikes, making her feel flattered and impressed. Find out something common between the two of you and try to have a great conversation out of that.
  • Before going on a date, think positive. Monitor your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Think how to give your best rather than clouding your mind with the thought of rejection. Positive thinking will surely boost your confidence.
  • Try to look your best. Wear nice, fitted clothes and shave before going for a date. If your dress suits you, it will exude a sense of positivity and confidence. Remember, the better you look, the better you will feel.

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