Dating can be fun and safe for teen girls as well, provide they stick to the right advice! Read on to find the most useful dating tips for teenage girls, in this article.

Dating Tips For Teenage Girls

She might be wearing a sparkling new ring, but she is definitely not walking down the aisle. Teenage star Miley Cyrus, after months of speculation, has confirmed that she is dating teenage Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. Gone are the days when dating was a hushed up affair. Teenage dating has become more and more popular with the passing time. Dating is a time of social experimentation for teens. It is a time for them to test what type of partners attracts them and how they can take a romantic relationship forward. Teen dating can be a fun and wonderful time to build up self-confidence and learn the dating technique. In simple words, teen dating is a practice session before finding ‘Mr.’ or ‘Miss Perfect.’ When kids reach dating age, parents are quite worried. And the worries are manifold, if they are parents of a teenage girl. When teenage daughters begin dating, parents generally start reaching for sleeping pills and antacids. Here, the girls should understand their parents concern and not take it as generation gap. After all, they are only concerned about their daughter’s safety. Dating can be an exciting new experience, but it’s essential to make that experience safe as well. To make dating safe and fun, here are some tips for teenage girls. Follow them through and enjoy the game!
Dating Advice For Teen Girls
  • First step is to date someone you truly like. It’s true that opposites attract! However, it will be much more fun to find someone who has same interests as you. Look for a guy who is friendly and has many positive qualities. Don’t date someone after judging him on his appearance. Always remember that appearances are deceptive. It is character that counts in the long run.
  • Before advancing on to one-on-one date, it will be a better idea to consider going on group dates. Group dates make you feel more comfortable than solo dating. They also provide an opportunity to know other couples and have a good time listening to their good and bad experiences!
  • Just after one or two dates, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are a couple in a committed relationship. Often, teenage girls make this mistake. Dating is meant to provide you with enough time to learn about a guy, before going in for a committed relationship.
  • Dating is fun. However, don’t let it trick you into a relationship that’s not safe. Make sure that you are in a relationship that is secure, both emotionally and physically. This means that that guy you are dating doesn’t hit you, hurt you or abuse you. At the same time, he should not force you have any intimate contact that you are not comfortable with. 
  • Don’t move too fast. This advice is given by your parents time and again. You might be under pressure from your boyfriend for more intimacy. There is nothing wrong in kissing and holding hands. However, don’t get farther than this, until you are comfortable. It’s better to say ’No’ right now, than to feel sorry later on. If the relationship ends, the feeling of hurt and betrayal will be much deeper if you have been intimate and you may regret what you have done.
  • When you start dating, a guy becomes the centre of your life. It can be very easy not to take out time for your friends. However, it’s important for you to maintain a proper balance. It might sound bitter, but it’s true that you don’t know whether this guy will be around for long or not. On the other hand, your friends will always be there for you. So, don’t ignore your friends for the sake of a new relationship and vice versa.
  • Bring your cell phone on your dates. Make sure that you can contact your parents and friends, if you are caught up in a bad situation! Avoid keeping your cell phone in purse; rather keep it nearest your reach.
  • Above all, don’t ignore your gut feeling. There is a tiny voice inside you, which whispers that may be he isn’t the right person. Don’t ignore these signs, rather try out to find why your inner voice is saying so. Does he hurt you? Or is he rude? How do you feel when you are together? These all are signs not to be ignored.
  • Finally, relax and enjoy yourself. After all, it is not that you will be a teenager again in your life. Be safe, feel secure and have fun dating!

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