People ranging from celebrities to laymen love to go for a blind date. Here are some ways to help you from a blind date disaster.

Tips For A Successful Blind Date

Sara Jessica Parker was true in saying that “People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates - hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.” Yet if a genie comes out of a bottle asking you to choose between a blind date with Robert Pattinson and $1 million dollars, which one would you, choose? The blind date for sure. Everyone would like to take pleasure in a successful blind date that will give their love story a fairy tale beginning. But not every blind date is successful, like in the movie Blind Date in which Walter Davis’ (Bruce Willis) blind date with gorgeous Nadia Gates(Kim Basinger) turns completely blind, dissolving the date into a disaster. The prospect of a blind date can be quite nerve wrecking and brow beating even if you call yourself the most extroverts of them all. What if the first impression doesn’t hit the bull’s eye or if the chemistry doesn’t work? With a few preparations and a right attitude, your blind date can be turned into beautiful memory that you will treasure for a lifetime.
How To Make Your Blind Date Successful 

Plan It Well
First impression make the best and the lasting impression, so be all set for the day. The duration of the date is decided totally upon how well the stage is set for it. Don’t be a fashion disaster at your blind date and embarrass your date with too revealing or over the top dresses. Though you might have set up a night party for the date, if you realize your date isn’t comfortable, make sure that you try for a silent dinner date. Don’t think that it is the first date and he is supposed to pay for everything. Make it a point that you intend to pay for half of everything. 

Where To Go 
Try to choose a public place for the date as you can feel more relaxed and have fun together there. It is better to avoid a high end place when you haven’t even thought of a second date with the person. Keep it low. More than the place, it is the fun that you have at the date that should be counted. 

Be On Time
Reach at the spot a little early and offer your date a polite greeting and handshake as the person arrives. Smile and be cordial, masking your nervousness. 

Be Open Minded
Remember that this is a blind date. Secretly, you might be looking for good looking, highly intellectual, slapstick funny dates with a heavy pocket but in reality it may not be so. Don’t keep high expectations. This will allow you to relax and have a good time rather than setting yourself up for disappointment should the date not go well. 

Making Conversation
While you are getting into a conversation, talk on topics that can be handled by both of you. Keep the conversation light, and watch your body language. Keep your eyes on your date and not on your neighbors. Have a relaxed look. You just need to be yourself. Answer questions honestly and don’t exaggerate yourself. Be frank, talk the truth, and let the person know who you are and not what you want him/her to be. 

Blind Date Safety
You are meeting the person for the first time so be cautious, as you don’t know the person well. Be aware of the person and his friends. Don’t arrange it secretly; at least your friends should be aware of it. Always carry a cell phone or better take along a friend. 

Things To Watch
You need to keep a watch of things like the person’s behavior, attitude etc. as nobody wants to date a selfish, high-maintenance, or an abusive person. 

Exit Strategy
Always be prepared to have an exit plan in place. If things are not working, well excuse yourself to the bathroom and give your friend a call for getting you out of that place. 

Ending The Date
No matter what, you should thank the other person after your date. If everything went well, let them know about it and mention that you would really like to see again. If it was the other way, let the person know about it. Be honest and straightforward and not rude.

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