Date a complete stranger! If you are game for it, then read the article below to know more on the benefits/ advantages of blind dating.

Blind Date Benefits

Your friends have set you up with the ‘date’. You have never met her nor do you have any idea who she is. Your friends throw only scraps of information like “she is damn hot” and “what a talented girl”. Your will crumbles down and you decide to proceed on the date. But when you meet her what if she speaks in a baritone, or cries her heart out because her pet rottweiler was frightened to death by a cat, or if she starts gushing about every hunk passing by. This is one of the most common pitfalls of blind dating and more often than not, after a date you are left blind with hate and rage. But these doesn’t deter many people who prefer to leave the demerits of blind dating behind and concentrate on the numerous advantages that it has to offer. To look at it another way blind dating is very similar to arranged marriage, with the marriage and relations part left out. You do not choose your date as your mutual friends, dating agencies or sometimes family sets you up. There is no pressure of continuing the relationship. Against conventional dating, in blind dating couples do not carry their likes and dislikes with them so they generally tend to adapt with the other partner and have a good time. For this is what blind dating is – having a good time. To know more on the benefits of blind dating read the article below.
Advantages Of Blind Dating
One of the main reasons of the popularity of blind dating is the element of surprise that comes into play. You are constantly on your toes thinking what your partner would be like and if you two would be compatible to each other. 
Another important benefit of blind dating is the excitement associated with it. Everybody loves a good adventure and blind dating is one such thing. It is like you are going through the pages of a romantic novel.
No Background Information
If you have the minimum knowledge about the person you are to date, then you will find it the most exciting thing of all. Without any background information you will be very curious to meet your date without having to hide behind a mask. You can be your own true self.
Blind dating can be very romantic, unless either of you messes it up. It is always good to spend time with strangers who you know and hope will be on the best of their behavior. To love someone you don’t know can be scary for some and romantic for others.
No Guilt
Accept the date or reject it, you don’t have to face any guilt later. In blind dating you are free from making any commitments which saves you a lot of emotional trauma in case the date doesn’t work out.
In blind dating you always have the chance to disappear. Neither you know her nor does she know you. So, it is upto you to keep up the relationship or not. You don’t have to offer any apologies nor any excuses. If you don’t like the person then you have the option of never meeting again.
It is always interesting to talk to new people as you can explore a variety of topics without sticking to the common ones. In a blind date neither of you know anything of each other so the topics of conversation are endless. Since you don’t have any preconceived notions of each other you can be free and frank in your conversations.

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