Are you totally confused as to how to dress up for a job interview that is just round the corner? Explore the article to find some tips on dressing for interview success.

Dressing For Interview Success

Dressing for success has probably become the most clichéd phrase, as far as job hunting is concerned, though it continues to be underutilized by job seekers even today. Wearing the right clothes for an interview is the first thing to hit the mind when you get a call. First impressions are known to be critical, more so when you are seeking a job, as you will not get another chance to prove your worth. In fact, the way you look can actually set the tone for the interaction during an interview and help the interviewer form an opinion about you, which can make or mar your chances of getting the job. In case you are about to appear for a job interview sometime soon and want to know about dressing for success, find some valuable tips in the lines below.
How To Dress Up For Job Interview
For Men
  • Wear a well-fitting suit in a dark, solid color. Team it up with a long sleeved button-up shirt in a coordinating, solid color.
  • Go for a conservative tie. Avoid bright colors or patterns.
  • In case you are not wearing a suit, a light colored shirt with a contrasting tie will also do. Make sure that it is neatly pressed and lightly starched.
  • Wear dark dress shoes and dark socks.
  • Keep a professional hairstyle and hair color. Avoid dying hair in any color that is not considered mainstream. Go for colors like brown, black, blonde, etc.
  • Neatly trimmed nails are a must.
For Women
  • Dark colored pants or skirt that sits just above or below the knees and matching blazer are suitable.
  • Wear a simple blouse in a coordinating color, which fits the body nicely. It should not be too tight, very loose or too low cut.
  • Go for closed-toe shoes that are flat and have a color matching your skirt or pants. You may also go for heels, but not more than two-inch. You may also feel uncomfortable in higher heels.
  • Try flesh-colored pantyhose with a skirt. Wearing hosiery with skirts certainly gives a more polished and professional look to the wearer.
  • Minimalist jewelry should be your style. Stay with pearls, gold and silver jewelry, though nothing too big or gaudy should be worn in an interview.
  • Keep a professional hairstyle and avoid any non-mainstream hair colors. The most acceptable hair colors in a work set-up are blonde, auburn, brown and black.
  • Wear light perfume and light makeup. Your makeup should be subtle, so that it does not distract attention.
  • Neatly trimmed and manicured nails are a must. Avoid bright nail polish or nails that are too long.
Additional Tips
  • Whether you go for casual or formal wear, make sure that your clothes look smart and crease-free.
  • Take care that your clothes fit you comfortably. You can’t afford a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of an interview.
  • Women should keep their makeup to a minimum.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple and presentable. This doesn’t mean you can go for stylish hair cuts. You just have to keep your hairstyle simple and manageable.

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