Your clothes make a statement and help the interviewer build his/her first impression about you. Plough through this article to learn on how to dress right for a job interview.

Dressing Right For A Job Interview

‘You are what you eat’ – You’ve probably heard the adage before, but then, you are also the way you dress, at least as far as job interviews go. Picture this – you’re the HR manager of a company, you’ve called in a potential candidate for a vacancy at your company. The day of the interview arrives and the man you’re supposed to interview, does too. He has an impressive resume, knows what he’s talking about and seems like the right man for the job, but there’s just one thing holding you back – The man’s a mess. He smells of food and cigarettes, his hair is uncombed, his shirt wrinkled and stained, his shoes unpolished, wait, he’s not wearing shoes, just a pair of weathered sandals! What do you do? Would you go ahead and hire the ‘Messy Man’? You obviously wouldn’t! How can someone who doesn’t know anything on looking presentable handle the affairs of your company? This just goes to show that it’s extremely important to dress well and appropriately for a job interview. Explore these tips on dressing right for a job interview.
Tips On Dressing Right For A Job Interview
  • For men a well-pressed shirt and pair of trousers is an ideal choice. The shirt shouldn’t be too loud and should go with your trousers. You don’t want to wear mismatched clothes. Half sleeve shirts are not advisable, as they don’t come in formals category. A neat hairstyle and trimmed nails are a must. Polished shoes, a belt, dark socks and a tie (only if you think you must wear one). Make it a point to shave on the day of the interview and go easy on the aftershave.
  • For women a neat formal shirt paired with formal trousers is the way to go as far as a job interview is concerned. The colors of the shirt and trousers shouldn’t be too loud or overbearing. Your shirt and trousers should be pressed. If you plan on wearing a skirt for the interview, make sure the skirt’s long enough to allow you to sit down comfortably. Cheap jewelry or too much jewelry is a no-no. For a job interview, it’s best to go sans the glitter and gold. A professional hairstyle and trimmed nails are a must. Shoes should be simple and must complement the occasion. Wearing too much perfume or a perfume that’s too strong, and heavy makeup are not advisable.
  • If the interview is for a job that may see you handle a lot of responsibilities, it’s best to attend the same in a professional business suit and it goes for both men and women. Opt for a black, navy blue, or dark grey suit and choose a shirt and tie that complement the suit.
  • At times, it pays to dress up a little better than you’re supposed to, it only increases your credibility. The same principle can be applied to the ‘art’ of dressing up for a job interview. For example: If you’re attending an interview for an entry level job, it may pay to dress up like a manager would. It will not only make you look more professional, but will also increase your chances of landing the job.
  • You’ve heard of power-dressing, have you heard of ‘neutral-dressing’? You probably haven’t, maybe that’s because you’re not a neutral-dresser. For a job interview, it will only pay to dress neutrally. Attention grabbing clothes are simply not allowed. You don’t want your interviewer to be put off with your sense of fashion. Remember – interviewers notice everything, they’re paid to do so!
  • Comfort is as important as it gets. Just like in life, so in interviews. It’s best to wear clothes you are most comfortable in. There is no point in wearing professional clothes and feeling extremely uncomfortable in them as your discomfort will definitely show and God forbid a wardrobe malfunction. Clothing you’re not comfortable in can also dent your confidence levels!
  • Take a shower before the interview. It’ll make you look fresh and clean. A good scrub can also increase your confidence levels. If you suffer from body odor, opt for a neutral deodorant to battle the same. Cheap and strong-smelling deodorants are best avoided.

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