Blind dates can be quite exciting if you know how to go about it. Learn more about how to handle your first blind date.

First Blind Date Tips For Women

Blind dates and good old arranged marriages have one thing in common – the unfamiliarity. Your friend might set you up for the former, your parents, for the latter. In both the cases, it is really tough to break the ice, much less carry on an engaging conversation. What is worse is that, much before it has even begun, it makes us jittery and nervous, – and we find ourselves constantly thinking about how it would turn out, how to break the ice, as to whether we would have anything to talk about at all or not and so on. Don’t listen to all those who tell you that love is blind – it is important to keep a few things in mind before you go on a blind date. It might save you from either being misunderstood or ending up with unmet expectations. Read on to know tips for first blind date.
First Blind Dating Tips For Women
While choosing a location, make sure it is a neutral one, so that neither of you has to travel half the city to reach. It is all right to let him make the choice, but don’t offer, to meet him at far off secluded places, or places that you are not too familiar with. Places that are fairly crowded are safer, and also help in doing away with the awkwardness of starting a conversation.
She’s Got The Looks
Your dress will speak for you, and thus it is important to choose it carefully. Too revealing dresses will give all the wrong impressions. Dressing too gaudily with three layers of makeup will turn him off. It is best to wear sober sophisticated dresses, in light, soothing colors.
A Little Late Is Never Late
As a woman, remember, it is your prerogative to arrive a tad late to the spot. Arriving at just the right time might make him take you, for granted. Besides, there is greater possibility, that he might turn up later than you, cleaner than fresh laundry, and bathed in cologne! If you are sure you will be more than ten minutes late, be sure to give him a call and apologise for keeping him waiting.
Talk The Talk
It is important to know, which topics to talk about when on a blind date. Since you know nothing about the person, ask questions that will help him, overcome his shyness. Ask open-ended questions about his interests, his friend circle. However, unless you are dating a college union president, who aspires to become the chief minister of some state someday, do not talk about politics with him. Also, steer clear of dangerous waters like talking about past relationships and other related topics that might make him uncomfortable. Try and find out if he has female friends from college, school or workplace – those who do have female friends are more sensitive towards women and don’t see them as mere sex objects.
Read The Signs
Body language is always a better way of guessing a person’s real intentions. If he is looking straight into your eye, stick around as he is really interested. If he smiles nervously, get him to relax by smiling broadly too. If he is checking out other girls, try to find a way of getting out. If he stares at anything below your neck, run with the speed of lightening!
Double Up
It is safer and more comfortable to meet a complete stranger in the company of friends. So ask your friend to come along too, with her boyfriend, preferably! Group and double dates are more successful at putting both the parties at ease.
Finish It Well
When ending the date, be sure to do it in an honest way. If you think it will not work out, tell him frankly and tactfully. Don’t give him your number if you do not intend to talk to him again. If you really like him, exchange numbers, but try to be as casual about it as possible. In either case, go back on your own. Don’t expect him to drop you home as that might prove that you are dependent on him.

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