Age, as they say, is in the mind. And if it's tips you need on dating older men, look no further. Here’s some quick and friendly advice on just how to!

Tips On Dating Older Men

‘I need someone older and wiser, telling me what to do’ - unforgettable lines sung unforgettably by Julie Andrews in the equally unforgettable movie ‘Sound of Music’. If what Julie Andrews crooned then is currently your theme song, chances are you are wise enough to know what obvious advantages there are to dating older men. Greater confidence, a more developed personality, and a mature attitude to life are some of the obvious attributes that easily appeal to women. So why not be prepared with a few cards up your sleeve too, and shoot off some sharp arrows in case cupid strikes in the form of an older man? Here is exactly how you can tip the scales in your favor and make dating an older man a rewarding experience! 

Advice For Women Dating Older Men

Befriend The Boyfriend First
The sensible thing to do starting out is to first develop an honest friendship with the older man you are dating. This will help you take the relationship slowly but more steadily and surely into a zone of better mutual rapport and understanding. The depth of which will in turn make it easier for both of you to gauge not just each other’s intentions better, but also to discover the extent of your mutual compatibility levels, and a glimpse into the feasibility of a future with him. 

Set Expectations Right
State your goals clearly from the start once the intentions from both sides match. If you are dating with the intent of settling down, let your partner know exactly that, and conversely, if you are dating an older man simply for variety, make that also equally clear, to avoid getting his hopes up. 

Don’t Be Frivolous
Be more responsible as older men tend to be more successful than their much younger counterparts and also do not particularly appreciate frivolous behavior, as they tend not to be frivolous themselves. Make sincere efforts to connect well with an older man on the emotional and intellectual level first. As the chronological age differences may or may not cause gaps in these spheres, after which of course one must most certainly look for the presence of a good mutual physical attraction, especially since an age difference can have just as much of an effect on people’s sexual preferences. All aspects greatly matter if a mature and serious long term relationship is what you are looking for, eventually leading to marriage. 

Keep Off The PDA!
Exercise patience, as older men are a lot less impulsive and may leave you guessing at times. And the up side to their apparent reserve is their comparatively demonstrative behavior in private. They just don’t feel the need to prove themselves in public, and hence come across as rather critical of your need for public displays of affection. 

Be Your Own Person
Prove that you are not just arm candy, and demonstrate that you are keen to contribute to the relationship the way older men usually want. They will most certainly appreciate you for this, much more than younger men who need someone to massage their inflated egos. Remember, older men are past the showing-off stage, and looking for someone they can share their lives with. So be yourself effortlessly, and not just a tag-along. 

Let The Older Man Take The Lead
Allow him the opportunity to pamper you whenever he can as it will not only make you feel cared for and special (and which woman does not like that?), but will also give you a chance to see his affectionate and protective side.  It will also give you a glimpse into his ‘take charge” side, and help you trust him with bigger decisions to come. It is a role-playing that has its own charm! 

Reign In Those Raging Hormones!
Older men are much more uninhibited and unafraid to make non-sexual physical contact with a woman in privacy than most of their younger counterparts, which takes a woman’s experience of intimacy to a deeper level, and in turn makes sex even more pleasurable. Reign in those hormones if you are looking for a future husband in the older man you are dating, and make sure you have ample patience. Control your primal instincts, and exercise more maturity, as older men are more likely primarily to be looking for companionship, while sex may feature just a little less prominence on their list of priorities.

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