Internet addiction is a rising disorder that is afflicting the urban youth. Read the article below to learn more on how to get rid of internet addiction disorder.

Internet Addiction Disorder

The internet has become the third arm of man. No work is complete without the use of internet. Directly or indirectly, the internet must be consulted in everything that you do. However, since everything comes with strings attached, the internet also comes with not one but with several strings attached. Since, it is also a window to a fun filled and engaging world people tend to get addicted to it. And this is perhaps the most glaring but less recognized of its disadvantages. With the proliferation and popularity of social networking sites where you can make virtual friends has increased this addiction. As a result people are now glued to the computer for hours at stretch throwing their health and social life to the wind. This has become a cause of concern as a large number of people addicted to the internet face health problems like obesity, poor eyesight etc. due to lack of physical activity and also pose psychological risks like displaying violent behavior and a tendency to stay alone. So, if you are suffering from internet addiction disorder and would like to get rid of it then check out the information given below.
Internet Addiction Treatment
  • The first step to get rid of internet addiction is to recognize and admit that you are an addict. As in the case of other addiction, people generally hold the belief that they are not addicts and if they want, they can easily come out of it. Recognizing the fact that you are an addict will help you look for solutions rather than staying in a blissful world where you think that you are above addiction.
  • One way to recognize that you are an addict is to observe how much time you spend surfing the net. If you spend a minimum of six hours daily, and the surfing is not related to your work then it can be said that you are an addict. In addition, if you always feel the urge to connect to the net even if it hampers your work and social life then you can consider yourself an addict.
  • Learn all the pros and cons of the internet. While you will have a thorough knowledge of its advantages, you will also have to familiarize yourself with its disadvantages. Read extensively on the privacy and the security loopholes so that you can at least stay away from harm. It will also help you reduce your addiction.
  • The most important part of the internet de-addiction program is to regulate the time that you spend on the net. In this way, you will get a basic idea about how much time you spend on the net. Now, fix a certain schedule for accessing the net, say an hour or two and spend the rest of the time in doing other things. After your scheduled time is over then no matter what, you should not access the net, not even for few minutes.
  • Like curbing all other forms of addiction, it all depends on your determination and how strictly you follow your routine. Once you are committed, then stick to it.
  • When you feel the urge to access the net, just go out to the park or to the outskirts where you are less likely to find the internet. Go and hang out with your friends or family members. When you get used to company, your urge for the virtual world will reduce.
  • To fill up your spare time it is better that you take up a hobby such as gardening, photography etc. Hobbies are the best way to keep your mind away from the computer and later you will even enjoy them more than surfing the net.
  • Exercising is also another very good option. Not only will it strengthen your body and mind but it will also release stress. 
  • Spend more time interacting with your friends and family. One of the adverse affects of internet addiction is the desire to stay away from friends and family. To counter it, embrace a social life and immerse in it until you are free from your addiction.

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