Do a lot of your guests overstay ? Read on to know how to get rid of unwanted houseguests.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted House Guests

You believe you’re the most magnanimous host ever. You love having friends and relatives over, you’re as social as it gets, but sometimes your friends and relatives test your hospitality by overstaying and pushing you to the limits of your magnanimity. You love to play host, but your ‘guests’ have you playing ‘parent’ and place on you the burdens of their ever increasing needs. They make your house an extension of theirs (if they have one), they raid your kitchen, make a mess in the bathroom, complain about the food and don’t look like they are leaving anytime soon. What do you do? How do you get yourself out of the snares of your unwanted houseguest? Do you find yourself hunting for answers for these questions? Then read on, gain awareness on how to get rid of unwanted houseguets.
Getting Rid Of Unwanted House Guests 
  • Stop being the perfect host. Why would anyone want to leave when you’re providing them with five star services? Even self-respecting individuals may consider extending their stay at your place if the benefits they enjoy overlap their desire to get to a place of their own. Stop dishing out comforts and luxuries to them; don’t go out of your way to do anything to please them. Turn off the water supply if you must, stop running errands for them, and try cutting off their food supplies too. This approach should send your unwanted houseguest packing. You’ve also got to be very subtle and toned when trying to pull off this tactic.
  • Ask them to help around the house this should work wonders. People are generally lethargic when they’re at someone else’s place; the last thing they would want to do is help around the house. Doing the dishes, washing clothes, sweeping and swabbing the floor, mowing the lawn, walking the dog and rushing out to buy groceries can make your guest hunt for his/her bags, pack, and leave. Employ this method with a hint of prudence, you don’t want to come across as an Army General. Don’t command your guests, just trick them into doing chores for you. Soon enough, they’ll get sick of it and leave.
  • A simple and effective approach is to tell your unwanted house guest that you’re expecting people home. Cook up a story, tell them an old aunt who is down with the flu is expected or tell them that someone that they’re not too fond of is on his/her way to your place. This should leave your guest in a spot of bother and he/she will mostly want to make a run for it. Just make sure that the guest you’re ‘expecting’ is not someone they know or someone they’re good friends with.
  • Make them pay! It’s ok to ask your guest to part with his/her money, if your guest is enjoying/misusing the facilities available at your home, ask him/her to foot the bills or contribute financially for the upkeep of the house. A guest who is looking to make him/her comfortable at your place may not want to make money a part of the equation, and once you’ve asked them to pay up, they’ll mostly want to leave.
  • Give your unwanted guests the cold shoulder, ignore them, and make them feel ‘unwelcome’. This is an extremely effective approach when dealing with annoying houseguests. Pretend as if they’re not there at your place, look right through them, do not respect their needs, basically, be inconsiderate. Play loud music when your guest is asleep, watch a lot of boring movies, cook food that tastes bad, get creative, indulge in activities you know will get to your house guest. Live and ‘don’t’ let live! This should have your guests thinking that they’ve lost all privileges to your hospitality and should help them find a way to the door.

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