Wedding etiquette are some rules for perfect behavior, which should be followed by guests. Read on to check out wedding guest manners.

Wedding Etiquette For Guests

Guests are an important part of any event. Any celebration is considered incomplete in the absence of guests and invitees. It is due to the crowd that the party appears lively and fun-filled. The same holds true for a wedding party as well. During a wedding, guests are expected to follow a certain code of conduct, which is generally referred to as wedding etiquette for guests. As wedding is a cause for celebration and also includes religious ceremonies, the guests are expected to exhibit decent behavior. To know more about wedding guest etiquette, read on.
Wedding Guest Etiquette 
  • One of the prime etiquettes to be followed by wedding guests is to be punctual. If, as per the wedding invitation, the ceremony begins at 5, make sure to arrive there by 4:45. This will enable you to give yourself time to find a seat and get settled.
  • Make sure you don't take photographs during the ceremony and respect the sanctity of the ritual. Leave the job to the professional, who is hired for the purpose.
  • Don't take a gift with you to the wedding. The gift can be given until a year after the wedding. Taking a gift to the wedding party means giving the other party worries about how to get it home.
  • However, if you are unable to attend the wedding, it is customary to send a wedding gift.
  • Don't bring additional people along, unless mentioned on the invitation. As the cost for each person attending a wedding is generally high, it is considered very impolite to bring unexpected guests along. This includes your children and other relatives as well.
  • Many ceremonies are conducted in parts, where the congregation alternately stands and sits. This is often informed by the program or officiant. If not, follow the others around you. If you are unable to stand, remain quietly seated.
  • RSVP quickly, as the wedding couple makes many decisions based on the number of people attending the wedding. Moreover, in case of any cancellations, do it so as soon as possible.
  • Though wedding is a time to enjoy, no one appreciates a drunken guest. In order to escape embarrassment and insult, drink alcohol in moderation.

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