Dating your spouse is necessary to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Read on to know how to date your spouse.

How To Date Your Spouse

The butterflies in the stomach, the pita pat feelings, the excitement, the spark, do you miss the feeling of first love and dating? Even in happiest of marriages, there comes a time where the feeling of excitement vaporizes, and a feeling of familiarity takes over. Although it is very good to have the emotional boding of ease, it is important to keep the spark alive to keep your marriage from falling into a rut. There are many ways to revive the spark in the life and one such way is dating your spouse. It will help you come closer to each other and will give you positive boost. It will bring back the magic and will bring back the sense of specialness. Explore the following tips to know how to date your spouse.
Tips For Dating Your Spouse
  • Remember to set aside at least a day in a month only for each other. Take the day off and go out somewhere. If it is not possible to take the day off, then you can go for a dinner or even meet at the restaurant.
  • If you have, small children then hire a babysitter for the day. You can also call your parents-in-law for babysitting. It will also give time to your children to meet their grandparents. Don’t forget to tell them in advance.
  • Give yourself time to prepare for the day. Pamper yourself in spa for the day. Wear a nice dress and take special care to get ready. Remember the time you used to take hours to get ready for the date. Put your best foot forward for this date too.  
  • Book the restaurant seat in advance. Take a private and romantic seating, order champagne, and have candlelit dinner.
  • Give this date your priority, unless there is something very important and unavoidable, stick to your date. Don’t ditch your date just because you are too tired or a football match is coming on television. 
  • Have something to chat about on the date. Don’t talk about work or children. Try to remember what you used to talk about when you were first dating. Or else, stick to safe topics like hobbies etc.
  • Act like you are on a date. Show excitement and be enthusiastic about it. Talk about your time before your marriage and the time when you were dating. Profess your love for each other.
  • Don’t feel guilty of leaving the children behind you and don’t fret about them when you are on a date. An author of 14 parenting books, John Rosemond says that the nucleus of the family is marriage. In one of his bestselling books, he quotes that, “Children's needs are met if the needs of the marriage are met."
  • It is not necessary to go out to a restaurant on a date. It just means to spend quality time together to recreate and relive the magic of love. It can be anything from going out to a restaurant, to a concert, movie, or even a quiet dinner at home.
  • A little PDA (public display of affection) doesn’t hurt anyone. Hold hands, steal kisses, cuddle, caress, and put your arms around each other. Try to give each other surprises on your date together. It can be anything from different hairstyles, a cake, or a small gift.
  • Listen to each other when you are talking. However, refrain from talking negative about each other or about anyone in general.
  • Wear a new fragrance when you are getting ready for the date. You could also wear the same fragrance, which you wore during your courtship days that your spouse liked. It will surely revive the spark of passion between you two.
  • Open doors and hold hands while you are on a date you need to be a thorough gentleman and a perfect lady.
  • Tell jokes, laugh, and have fun. Unless you truly enjoy your date, the spark would not revive. Even if you can’t take out time for going out for date, have a simple, quiet dinner at home. Play games with each other and get involved with each other’s interests. Spend time just enjoying each other’s company.

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