Communication exercises make a relationship healthy and less stressful for lovers. Check out some communication exercises for spouse.

Communication Exercises

Effective communication is the key to any successful marriage. Ineffective communication can lead to many problems between the couples, which can eventually lead to hazardous situations. However, the situation can be improved with the help of many exercises, which aim at making the communication better between partner, be it lovers or spouses. A couple, at any stage of their relationship can practice these communication exercises and improve their love life. Moreover, the communication skills between the partners will improve drastically, helping each to communicate naturally.  All it requires is a little effort from both the partners, who must be willing to work at their relationships. Thus, communication exercises are the best way to harmonize your relationship. When both partners in a relationship are ready and willing to practice these exercises, only then these exercises can be effective. In case, you are looking for exercises for effective communication, go through the lines below.
Communication Exercise For Couples
  • Eye to eye contact is an effective communication exercise for couples. This includes, softly looking into each other’s eyes and letting thought flow freely from one person to another. This exercise unites the couple’s feelings and body sensations, creating a deep sense of oneness.
  • Another way of communicating effectively with each other is by the means of sensitive touch. In effect, love making is considered to be one of the most effective communication methods. However, be careful as it should convey your feelings and thought, not your lust. Your sensitive touch should seem agreeable to your partner, connecting and bonding both of you together.
  • Next method is the verbal communication, which gives a sensation of sharing, care and dependability. Make sure that, both of you communicate with each other freely, that too in a congenial environment.
  • Another exercise which couples can practice for strengthening communication is listening to each other carefully. For this, choose a neutral topic and ask the other person to speak. Listen to what your partner says and after he/she is finished, repeat what you heard. Ask him/her if you said everything correctly or not. Repeat in case you missed out anything or made a mistake. After he/she is satisfied, switch roles.
  • Avoid using absolutes such as ‘you never’ or ‘you always’, as it makes the other person feel defensive. Moreover, refrain from giving threats to the other person, as this will also make them feel pressurized.
  • Use positive rather than negative language. It will make your spouse feel wanted rather than being bossed. This will encourage them to be cooperative, as well as receptive.
  • Find the right time as well as the right place to talk about sensitive issues. Make sure your partner is ready to talk. Do not disturb or force him/her to talk to you when he/she is doing something important or enjoyable.
  • Role reversal is an effective communication exercise. These activities involve the reversal of roles between the couple. A husband’s role will be taken up by the wife and vice versa. Once their roles are switched, the couple will assume the other’s mannerisms, habits and style of talking. The couple will communicate based on their new roles so that, each other will understand how the other feels. This way, the couples will be able to understand themselves better.
  • You can also practice the ‘Three and Three’ exercise, which is a popular activity to improve communication. Both partners in the relationship will have to spend some time alone away from one another to practice this exercise. Each partner will list three things that they love and hate about each other. The list will be given to each other and the couple will read their lists and contemplate on how to improve themselves and how to work on their faults. At the same time, they will also be pleased and proud of their positive aspects.  
  • Stay away from blaming or attacking your partners. If a partner wishes to convey something negative to the other, it would be beneficial to begin the sentence with ‘I’ rather than ‘you’. This can be followed by a compliment or positive message before getting on to the main issues.
  • Each partner can write a number of situations and ask each other on how the other partner would react at that point of time. The partners will understand how the other would react and they can discuss on these matters. The partners can have an idea about how the other will react and this way they can prepare themselves.
  • Another extremely effective communication exercise involves stating a variety of circumstances that happens every day in a couple’s lives and explaining how one feels regarding that scenario. Each partner will be given a list of scenarios such as “When you come home late” and then followed by “I feel __” statement. The partners will have to fill in the blanks given in the statement, with regard to the situation.
Communication exercises are important ways of improving communication between couples. These exercises will help the couples to understand each other’s perspective, thereby eliminating any relationship issues.

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