If you want to know some cute and different ways of saying "I Love You", check out this article. With the tips given here, you will know how to say "I Love You" in the best possible way.

Ways To Say "I Love You"

You are feeling for a person from the bottom of your heart and want to express your true love in front of that special someone in your life. While saying the three magical words - "I Love You" - is very easy, conveying your heartfelt feelings in the most romantic way is not the same. If you are looking for the best ways to say "I Love You", this article is just for you. Go through the following lines and learn how to put across the thought in the best possible manner.
Cute And Different Ways Of Saying "I Love You" 
  • Watch the sunset with him/her, hand in hand. When you are about to depart from the place, turn your face towards him/her, hold the hands, gaze at his/her eyes deeply and say "I Love You!"
  • Write a note for him/her. This is suitable, especially when you are dining with your love at a restaurant. With a smiley or a heart, write down the three magical words on a piece of tissue paper. You may extend the 'love note' either at the beginning of the dinner or after it.
  • How about writing a love poem for him/her? Sounds interesting! Pen down your feelings in the form of a poem, and extend it to him/her. When your beloved reads it, he/she would make out what is running through your mind. Before he/she reacts to it, just say, "I Love You"!
  • Take your 'someone special' on a long drive. Indulge yourself in a romantic conversation, as you drive down. You may speak your mind at the end of the journey.
  • If you are not merely a bathroom singer, you may 'sing' the magical words to him/her, if possible in front of a gathering.
  • Radio is a nice medium, to put across your feelings. Announce your love for your significant half on air, taking the help of an RJ!
  • Costly though, sky writing is one of the popular ways to say "I Love You".
  • Give a present to him/her, with a love note attached to it, saying the three magical words.
  • The most romantic and one of the oldest ways to spill the magical words, is to go down on your knees, with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. It especially applies to men.
  • An easy way to express your feelings towards your beloved is to send a sentimental text message and write 'I Love You' at the end.
  • Call the person when he/she is free and strike up a conversation over the phone. After chatting for a long time, you may say the magical words, in a romantic way.

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