Very often we hear people wondering 'why are Japanese people more healthy'. As an answer to this question, we have provided the reasons for Japanese people being more healthy.

Why Are Japanese People More Healthy

Though there are a number of reasons why Japanese people can be termed healthier, the main and prime reason remains the food. Japanese cuisine contains dishes which are not only appealing to the tongue and the taste buds, but are also healthy for the body. Moreover, people in Japan focus more on ‘what is good for me to eat’ rather than ‘what do I feel like eating’? In case you want to know about the probable reasons for Japanese people being more healthy, read the lines below.
Reasons for Japanese People Being More Healthy 
  • Fish forms an integral part of Japanese cuisine. As fish is a good source of protein and low in cholesterol, as compared to red meat, it reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Fish is also consumed raw in Japan. It is believed that the glowing skin and fair complexion of Japanese women is owing to the fish skin.
  • Soy products are also used in generous amount in Japanese cuisine. These help in reducing heart disease and high blood pressure, apart from being a vital source of protein. Soy products, such as tofu, soy sauce and natto, help in nullifying the effects of meat and high fat dairy products.
  • The noodles are prepared from wheat or buck wheat flour only, which assist the digestive process significantly.
  • Though the staple diet of Japanese consists of rice, it is not consumed in large quantities, keeping the consumption of starch to a minimum. On top of that, the small portions of rice that they consume cleanse the flavor of the mouth when changing from one dish to another.
  • In Japan, all the dishes in a meal are served in small quantities, to save the guest from over eating. In effect, traditional Japanese meals are half the size of western ones.
  • As Oolong tea is followed by all the meals, it helps in counter balancing the ill effects of some of the food items. Japanese green tea has numerous health benefits, one of which is breaking down the oil in digestive process. Thus, the oolong tea or green tea is necessarily taken after a fried or bread food meal.

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