How to be cool is a tricky task, which requires an attitude change on your part. To learn about being cool, read the tips given below.

How To Be Cool

Being stated cool is the hippest statement amongst guys and gals. A cool person is generally referred to as someone, who does things in his own distinct way and does not care much about the world. Cool people have a charismatic personality and are popular amongst their social community. Thus, it becomes a secret wish for everyone to be termed as cool. Though many people feel it is difficult to achieve the milestone, it should be noted that being cool just requires a bit of attitude change. Read on for some tips on how to be cool.
Tips on Being Cool 
  • Do not care about what people think of you.  Most of us are always concerned about what other people think of us. Remember that it’s not possible to please everyone. So, it is better if you live your life the way you like, rather than bothering about the world.
  • Though you should be immune to other people’s opinion about you, you should keep a check on how they perceive you. This might sound contradictory, but carries significance. Being cool is all about learning how to perceive yourself better. With regard to physical appearance, beware of bad breath, body odor, etc. In terms of body language, stand/sit up straight, look and feel confident, smile generously, do not stare, etc.
  • Present yourself in the most comfortable and confident way. While interacting with people, make sure to maintain a good posture and look them in the eye. For acquiring the respect of others, you need to look and feel positive.
  • Find real friends and stay in their company. Real friends respect you for what you are and cherish the time spent with you, making you feel positive and happy.
  • Don't shy away from being different, whether it means standing up for yourself, defending someone else or taking interest in something that no one else dares to do. People who break against the tide and question the status quo are quite often regarded as the coolest.
  • Speak your mind. Cool people usually speak confidently and clearly, that too with a good pace. However, this does not mean chattering uselessly. Make sure you say what you mean and vice versa. Be confident about what you speak and don't bother if people disagree with your opinion. At times, it is good to be respected for what you believe in.
  • Cultivate the habit of laughing at yourself. Remember being cool essentially states finding humor in moments of clumsiness and discomfort. You will not only gain respect for it, but people will like you for being so earthly.
  • Another thing to be remembered is that for being cool, one should create his own identity. Find your talent in terms of sports, music, art and the like and pursue it with excellence. Being known for your passion is certainly deemed cool.
  • Being cool is all about staying relaxed and comfortable in any and every situation. If at times you do feel vulnerable, and end up losing your temper, bursting into tears or losing control, take a deep breath and mellow down. Don't be disruptive and annoying or have unpredictable mood changes. Your serenity and steadfastness shows your coolness.
  • Be friendly and social, but not excessively eager and clingy. It’s good to be outgoing, but do not be overly excited. Do not force yourself on people. Smile and be genuine.

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