Many of you must have faced a situation where you found it difficult getting rid of a person you don’t like. Read the tips given here and know how to get rid of an annoying person.

How To Get Rid Of A Person

How many times have you gone to a party and been subjected to the trauma of listening to a person who you either do not know or do not like? Neither can you listen to such a person’s useless blabbering, nor be rude and ask him to get lost. In such a situation, even the most exciting party turns out to be weary. You long to get away and probably prop up on your sofa, watching the late night movie. How you wish that the person would leave you away, letting you have fun too. Getting rid of an annoying person, without appearing offensive, is not too difficult, only you need to use the right tact. If you feel the need to get rid of someone in your life then do not feel guilty about it. It is perfectly normal to feel this way if you do not like someone. Everyone goes through feelings like these. You do not necessarily have to feel obliged to keep a negative person in your life or someone who brings nothing new to your world, not just the one with annoying nature. But it is also quite understandable how we cannot say it on a person’s face directly that we do not want them around us. Although it feels like everything is building up inside of us to just shout at that person and ask him/her to leave us alone but it is not a civil way to deal with a situation; just because you do not like someone you do not have the right to hurt their feelings. Therefore, you need to come up with an articulate way to slyly ignore this unwanted human being. It should be done in a way that he/she will understand that he/she is not wanted in your life but it does not hurt his/her feelings. This will show your level of maturity that how respectfully you deal with situations in your life. If you do not want that annoying person to linger around you then chart out a little plan in your head first to convey this message to him/her very subtly. If you do not know how to then here are a few good ways to get rid of an unwanted person.
Ways To Get Rid of a Person
  • Whenever the person talks to you or asks you a question, reply in a monosyllable. For example - if he says “the weather is so fine, isn’t it”, just say “yeah” and keep quiet. What will happen with this is that eventually that person will get bored of you and move away from you. Not properly answering to anything will mean that you are not really interested in socializing and want to be left on your own.
  • Do not ask him anything that would make him talk to you even more. In fact, do not ask any questions at all. If you will ask something then it will encourage that person to linger around you. It is a possibility that he/she is looking for a response from you and if that person is not going to get any response or not even get a slightest hint of interest from your side then it will embarrass him/her and he/she will leave you alone.
  • In case you have no alternative but to ask questions (otherwise, you would appear to be rude), keep it as minimal as possible. Especially do not ask open ended questions where it is a certainty that this person will keep yakking. When you are in a situation where you have to ask him/her a question then make sure that you do not give your full attention to him/her. You can show with your body language that you have lost interest midway through the conversation by looking here and there and interrupting him/her again and again.
  • If you feel that you can pass off by just nodding, do that. It will give him a hint that you are not in the mood to talk. You can try and look very serious, do not smile or laugh with this person. He might think that you are in a bad mood and would let you be on your own.
  • Try to look at other people or other things around you. Avoid looking at the person as much as you can. However, don’t look in the other direction entirely. Rather, keep moving your eyes, from here to there. If you see someone else whom you like better than this irritating person then start a conversation with him/her. This will leave that person feeling rejected and unwanted and he/she will get up and leave.
  • Try to think of something that makes you feel jaded. This way, you will have a bored expression on your face.
  • Do not try to fill in the silences that creep up during the time you are talking to the person. In fact, let the awkward silence stretch out. Once it has reached its limits then either you can get up and ask for his/her leave or he/she will get the hint and leave.
  • Finally, do not appear rude and be as polite as you can. You do not want people to think that you have no manners at all. Having an inane expression and speaking the occasional ‘aha’ or ‘yup’ can solve your problem easily.

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