Check out tips on asking a girl for her phone number.

How To Ask For A Girl's Number

You have spotted a beautiful girl at a party, family get together or even at the mall, and you want to ask her for her number. The only thing stopping you is that you are not quite sure about how to approach her. Don't just stand there flabbergasted; follow these steps and learn how to ask for a girl's number. Today, relationships are elicited with the aid of mobile phones. Millions use mobile phones as a means to establish and maintain contact with one another. These days, getting a girl’s number is the first step towards the beginning of a relationship. Most guys find asking for a girl’s number a very difficult task, as any mistake on their part will ruin their chances of getting the girl’s number and the girl. You can expect a girl to refuse giving her number if she does not like you. So what exactly is the right way to ask a girl for her number? Given in this article, is a step-by-step process, which will guide you on how to get a girl’s number.
How To Ask For A Girl's Number
Asking A Girl For Her Phone Number
  • First of all you need to approach her. Also, remember that you need to maintain eye contact with her along with a gentle smile. Make sure that you don't keep staring at her, as there is a very thin line between making eye contact and staring. A girl will judge a guy on his mannerisms and then take the final decision as to whether she wants to give her number to him or not.  
  • The next step involves entering into a communication with her. You can start off by giving her a compliment or two and then introduce yourself. Talk about a common interest, for the conversation to be fun and friendly. If you build enough rapport with a girl after several minutes of conversation, you can ask her for her number. But, please do not go overboard with this, because if you try to be too cute, it might not seem so attractive. At the end of the conversation, you should at least get to know the girl’s name, if not her number
  • Start talking. After a little while, you will get to know the level of interest that she holds for you and whether she would actually give her phone number to you, if asked. There are certain signs that you can look out for. If, for example there is no eye contact or smile from her, while you are making a whole-hearted effort, probably, you should move on. She might not be interested at all.
  • However, if she does seem interested, now is the time to ask for her number.  Any girl who laughs at your jokes or smiles at you often will surely be interested in giving her number to you.
  • Ask politely but don’t be too pushy about it. Also, respect her privacy and avoid questions like “How about giving me your number?” Instead, what you can actually say is something like “It would be great to know you better. Is there a number where I can reach you?”
  • Some girls like creativity and unpredictability when a guy asks for her number. If everything has been going well up until now, you will probably have her number with you in a bit. Offer your own phone number if you are comfortable doing so. There are some men who offer their numbers even if the women denies, since some women are not comfortable with giving their numbers.
  • You can try another way by simply giving out your number to her first and then ask for her number in return.
Common Mistakes Guys Make When They Ask For A Girl’s Number
  • One of the common mistakes guys make is waiting for a long time before asking the girl’s number. These guys postpone their decision to ask for the girl’s number and by the time they do ask, it is already too late.
  • Make sure you don’t just bluntly ask for her number before even having a conversation with her. The girl will not know who you are and will eventually refuse to give her number. Rushing a girl into giving her number is a wrong move.
  • Try not to sound too desperate or needy while asking for a girl’s number as this would not impress her one bit. Instead, try to be relaxed and sound confident.
So, keep these points in mind and proceed towards the girl to ask her for her number. Remember, it is not a herculean task. You just have to know how to approach her and take care of your conduct while in the process of getting to know her. Win her confidence and you will find yourself with her number in no time!

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