If you are wondering how to ignore someone in person, read the article given below. Get tips on ignoring somebody.

How To Ignore Someone In Person

Ignoring someone can be one of the meanest things to do, but at times, owing to the circumstances, you just might be left with no other option. This implies that it is up to your discretion to decide whether to ignore a person or resort to some other means of letting them out of your life. With this comes the responsibility of being sensitive enough to determine whether someone actually deserves a treatment like this or not. For this, you need to analyze the situation with an open mind and heart, to know if the person and situation can be tackled in any other way. Moreover, even if you decide to cut off the person from your life, first tell him/ her directly or indirectly about your stand. In case the situation does not improve, ignore that someone in person. Read on to know how.
How To Ignore Somebody 
  • Think of all the reasons that make you ignore a person. This is essential because ignoring someone is difficult and requires firm reasons to do it.
  • Have a meeting and inform the person directly that you are not willing to keep any contacts. Be polite and respectful and do not be nasty. Probably, the person will understand.
  • Start focusing on your life and career. Cease all communication with the person. Do not make or attend any calls, emails, text messages or letters. Feel mature enough to accept your decision and move ahead.
  • In case of online chatting, inform the person that you are too busy and would not be able to give time. Set your messenger status as busy or offline to prevent getting messages from him/her, in the future.
  • Block the person on your chat room and instant messenger, to avoid getting messages and threats.
  • Do not greet the person when you cross paths or meet somewhere else. If at all the person speaks to you, them him/ her you are in a rush or else, keep quiet.
  • Manage your schedule in such a way that you don't come in contact with that person. The more you keep away from him/her, the better it will be for you as well as him/her.
  • In case you are looking for immediate respite, then change your phone number, email, and address. You can at least get a new number and a new ID, even if the address part does not seem too feasible.
  • If the presence of the person becomes inevitable, try not to pay attention to the bitter remarks made by him/ her, if any.
  • Keep yourself engaged in work and other activities to divert your mind. You can even develop a new hobby to escape from thinking about the person.
  • Never make eye contact with the person, not even accidentally. This will help in undermining his/ her presence. 
  • If a person is abusive, ignoring him/ her can make the situation worse. In this case, it is better advised to seek professional help.

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