You never get a second chance to make that powerful first impression! It is wise that you make a knock-off with a powerful first impression. Read on to know tips on how to make great first impression.

How To Make Powerful First Impression

While it is wrong to judge a person just by his/her dress or demeanor, not many of us can resist the temptation of overplaying our aptitude and tagging someone as posh, punk, hippie, or hottie in the very first look? Good or bad, we all tend to get swayed by the first impression, and no matter how much we may deny going with the cliché, it is true that first impression does count. Sometimes a quick three seconds is all it takes to build or kill credibility and create that first big impression. Thus, it is important to put your best foot forward to get the game going in your favor. When meeting new people, it is important that you put your best self across. For this you essentially need to have a pleasant demeanor. If you don’t have one, at least you can learn to feign it convincingly to make a compelling impression. Dig more on how to make powerful first impression with the following tips. Read on to get smart.
Tips To Make Great First Impression
  • There comes a time when our destiny rides high on the impression we make and little else succeeds in making that power-packed quick impression like a 1000-watt smile. Nothing makes a more sure-footed statement than a warm, unfeigned, cordial smile that arrests all interest and gives one an edge over any situation. What's more, it helps to break the ice, set all differences straight, creates an aura of ease and comfort and puts one in a win-win situation. So, the next time you head for a quick appointment or an interview, just remember to wear that smile on.
  • As it is rightly said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, thus, you cannot afford to look away when the opportunity strikes. Eye-contact is one of the few things that extend an indelible impression. An eye-to-eye interaction not only testifies one’s confidence and reliability, but also adds to one’s charm and opens channels of communication. A strong stare or looking away when interacting with the other person can leave one in a sticky situation.
  • Wear colors compatible with your basic coloring. Human beings are one of two colorations: warm or cool. People with warm coloring look best in yellow-based colors like gold, warm reds, golden browns and rich ivory. People with cool coloring look best in blue-based colors like blues, greens and winter white. Your eye, hair and skin tone would help you determine whether you are cool or warm, which would further assist you in determining what colors look best on you!
  • When looking to make that first big impression, it’s only wise that you put your best foot forward and get your outfit right. Dress to impress is the new age adage to that fabulous first impression. While evolving fashion has left us with plenty of options to dabble with, it is important to underplay your fashion sense at time and be sensible with what you wear for an interview, a business meeting or just a casual date. The right colors can be flattering to your persona and can make a killer impression. Dress modestly, and yes strictly avoid jaded jeans, hot pants, wrinkled shirt and worn-out fabrics at all costs.
  • A punch line can make or mar your impression. Thus, it is important to choose your words correctly. A warm pleasantry may not be pleasant if done in the wrong way. Also, steer clear of mindless babblings, slangs or too much of a colloquial verve, to avoid leaving a wrong impression. Pitch your tone properly, enunciate rightly and speak fluently and clearly to make a deep-seated impression. And yes, be polite at all costs!
  • It’s easy to be a good speaker, but it takes some skills to be a listener. Paying heed to others can put you up in the ladder and create a good name. Remember to nod or chime your head in agreement, a gesture that is likely to be appreciated by the speaker. Also, remember to ask questions to reveal signs of authentic interest. However, make sure you never interrupt the person, when he/she is speaking.

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