In a situation, where you do not know how to stop yourself from crying, the tips given below can prove to be quite helpful.

How To Stop Crying

In a grim situation, when you are low and life seems too unfair, it becomes quite difficult to hold back tears. Crying is one of the most natural ways of expressing grief and feeling light. However, one should remember that though it is good to cry and let out your feelings, it should not be incessant. This is because it can adversely affect your body and health. If you are in a situation when you do not know how to stop yourself from crying, remember to divert your mind to some other thing; especially, when you are amidst a crowd or at work. You do not want to break down in front of them, but find it hard to stop the tears from flowing down. Crying is one of the prime ways of realizing pain or emotions, and is therefore, not embarrassing, yet to cry relentlessly can have an adverse effect on you.. Given below are some tips to help you stop yourself from crying.
Tips to Stop Crying
  • Create a soothing ambience around yourself. Lie down on your bed. Turn off the lights and switch on a soothing, soft nightlight.
  • For diverting your mind, turn on some nice music. Some soft instrumental music or light songs will make you feel better. Avoid sad songs or music. They can make you cry all the way more. The music should have a feel-good factor in it.
  • Take gradual deep breaths, extending your diaphragm completely. You might experience a light pain, if you've been crying for prolonged period. The purpose of this exercise is to make you feel completely relaxed. Slowly and steadily breathe out, even if it's shaky. Repeat the process.
  • Once you regain your normal breathing process, focus on the tension in other parts of your body. Make efforts to relax the stressed parts of your body. For this, tense up the muscles in the area, hold for the count of 5, and relax. This will release tension in the area.
  • Comprehend that life is all about highs and lows. Crying isn't a bad thing, but excess of it can actually hurt your body, so it's important to try to relax.
  • Comfort yourself by explaining that it is just a phase and will eventually pass by.
  • Talking to a family member or close friend can also make you feel better, in case you are ready to discuss your problem.
  • If crying makes you feel better, cry it out for once and for all. Of course this does not apply to all people or situations, especially for someone who has gone through a divorce or has lost a family member or friend. But, for some others, who let’s say, have lost a job or are missing their parents who are far away from them, can avoid crying always.
  • In you are surrounded by people, pinch yourself hard. It can immediately put an end to your crying as it activates that portion of the brain which is responsible for impulse control. But, do not pinch yourself so hard that it increases your impulse to cry.
  • If you are engaged in an emotional discussion with a group of people which may lead to an outburst of tears, try to smile and make an excuse for leaving the forum. Take a walk away from the place of the discussion and take deep breaths. If you really feel the need to cry and let go of the emotions, go to the loo. But make sure, when you come back you are in a better mood and will not be affected anymore.
  • Crying while watching excessively emotional movies is another embarrassing moment for many, particularly women. Well, it is hard to avoid tears, but not impossible. Whenever, you feel like crying, distract yourself by eating some popcorn or drink some coke until you are calmed. In case you have finished the coke and popcorn and have nothing to soothe yourself with, drink water!
  • If you have pets, try to play with them, whenever you feel like crying. Pets, especially dogs, are great stress busters. They are therapeutic and are of great help in times when you are undergoing emotional stress. Take your pet out for a walk or play with it. Pets like to be loved, hence, by spending more than usual time with them not only makes them feel good, but also makes you feel much better.
Crying is a natural way of dealing with emotional problems. But many a times, it makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when you are with other people. However, suppressing emotions constantly is not helpful at all. It is good, at times, to let go. You may want to cry to release the pain that has been upsetting you for a while. It can be when you are alone at your house or on your bed before sleeping. In most cases, people get a good sleep after a good amount of crying!

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