A relationship breakup can be traumatizing for anyone in love. Read on to find out some tips on how to stop your break up.

How To Stop A Break Up

Break up is something that no one wishes even for the worst of their enemies. The trauma of breaking up with your love and trying to forget the good old days is filled with depressing grief and tearful days. It’s the worst when you experience gut-twisting, painful and heart-wrenching sickness. Moreover, it is impossible to lose somebody whom you are committed to, in your mind, body and soul. As the famous quote says, ‘precaution is better than cure’, you should learn how to stop a break up, rather than exploring how to get over it. You can also take help from the insight provided by the tips given below.
Tips To Stop Your Relationship Breakup
Find Out the Reason
Talk to your partner about your feelings and try to figure out the reason why he/she wants to break up with you. Communication is the best tool that can help you mend even the most difficult of relationships. Be open and frank while outlining the ways to save your relationship.
Learn Conflict Resolving Skills
Once you have decided to work together on your problems, make sure to mend them with your skills. Make your actions speak louder than words, give him/her surprises and communicate as much as you can. Learn what the other person likes and do it together.
Say Sorry
If you have done a mistake, say sorry and mean it. It will not make you smaller, rather save the relationship that you value so much. While saying sorry, always look right into your partner’s eyes and apologize whole heartedly. And if you don’t feel that you are wrong, don’t say sorry at all, as it will show up on your face and worsen the problems.
Stop Acting Like A Wimp
No one wants to linger around a cry baby. Be strong and act strong. Portray yourself as a strong and valuable individual and make your partner feel your importance in his/her life. While it is necessary to be there when he/she needs you, it’s also important to make him/her miss you. This works out in most cases.
Act Patiently
Patience is something that works wonders for all relationships. A difficult relationship can be brought on the track when dealt with patience.  Even when your partner upsets you, do not retaliate at that moment or burst with grieving emotions. Rather, allow the temper to cool down and then try to have a positive discussion. The possibility of a break up during heated arguments can be easily avoided, if you keep your cool.
Give Space & Time
Space and time go hand in hand. As much as it is important to devote time and attention to your partner, it is also necessary to give him/her some space as well. Don’t try to stick by his/her side all the time. Remember, both of you have a life beyond each other as well. Try to strike a balance between the two.

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