The pain of an ended relationship is extremely agonizing, but a breakup is not the end of the world. Read this article for tips on getting over a relationship break up and how to move on in life.

Getting Over A Relationship Break Up

Break ups are extremely difficult and painful. They are really hard on both the partners, the one who is initiating the break up as well as the person who is at the receiving end. And if it has been a meaningful relationship, a break up can feel like the end of the world. The reasons for breaking up are as varied as each relationship. However, the result is the same - pain. However, rather than coming down to pieces after a break up, you should try to think of it as something that gives you a chance to reevaluate your life and help you find someone more suitable. There is every possibility to move on after a break up, no matter how loving the relationship had been. Read on further for tips on getting over a relationship break up.
How To Move On After A Break Up
Accept The End
The most important thing in a break up is to accept that your relationship is over. Do not hope that your break up will be reversed by some magic and you two will be together again. Accept the truth; else, things will become unbearable for you. Accept that the other person is not there for you any more.
Grieve For Your Loss
After you have accepted the loss, allow yourself to grieve for it, to let everything out of your heart and mind. Cry when you feel sad, talk to your friends and relatives about your hopes, your disappointments, your fears, your feelings. This will help you heal emotionally.
Respect Yourself
Do not blame or punish yourself and think of ending your life or anything as drastic. Be kind to yourself and your feelings and give yourself another chance to be happy. There is life after a break up and you are likely to meet the right person looking out for you.
Spoil Yourself
Try replacing the negative feelings in your heart with positive feelings, by indulging yourself. Center your attention on yourself and wash away your hurt. Go for movies, plan a trip to a great tourist destination , treat yourself with a special body massage or beauty treatment, start a new hobby, binge on food items you love, purchase some jewelry, and so on.
Connect With Your Family
Take time to get close to your family and you will understand how wonderful their love feels, after a break up. You will realize how much love you had taken for granted, while you were crying for the one who is no more yours.
Allow Yourself To Heal
Do not get involved in a new relationship immediately after a break up and use it as a leverage. Raw emotions will give you wrong reasons to forge new relationships. Heal yourself well, so that you can look back on the broken relationship without pain and only then look for new relationships.
Forget The Revenge
Break ups are emotionally shattering. Accept this and do not seek revenge. You will never be able to let go of your past, if you hate or plot for revenge.
Give Yourself Sometime
Give yourself time to stop feeling the hurt. With time, it will leave you alone, just as a wound heals gradually. Do not try to hasten the process or the clogged emotions will erupt one day, in a very harmful way.
Move On
Surround yourself with well-meaning friends and family members, with whom you can openly discuss your feelings. The more you vocalize these feelings, the faster you would heal.

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