Dealing with an online breakup can be difficult, but, with time, one can learn to move on. Find out how to deal with an online break up.

Dealing With An Online Breakup

An online relationship is quite common nowadays. Since the internet has reached the grass root level, it has become quite easy for all kinds of people to access it. This has given them a way to enter into a new world, a virtual world, where at times people get involved with others, on an emotional level as well. This is nothing, but an online relationship. It usually begins with chatting or web interactions, which are one of the hippest ways of interacting and socializing with people across the globe. With time, deeper emotions start taking the place of acquintance and friendship.
Though online love relationships have blossomed like anything, not every one can make it through a success story. Just like the conventional relationships, people suffer break up here as well. Ending a relationship is the hardest thing to do. It’s even harder to deal when you don’t know what caused the breakup to take place. It hurts and it’s very hard to accept that the person you love is no longer with you. In case you have been through a failed online relationship and don't know how to get over it, go through the lines below. We have provided a number of tips that will help you in dealing with an online breakup.
How To Deal With An Online Breakup 
  • One of the first and foremost things to do, for dealing with an online breakup, is quitting the use of the chat or any other medium, which served as the mode of communication between the two of you.
  • In case you use a computer on a daily basis, limit your time online and try staying offline as much as possible.
  • To divert your mind from the activity, become more active outside the computer world. Get away from your house and visit some old friends. This will give you some time to think outside the web space you shared with your partner.
  • Make a new internet hobby or interest, such as playing games, learning how to make web pages or researching your family tree. This is yet another way of escaping from the void you may feel after your partner is gone.
  • In case you wish to engage yourself in a new relationship, explore different ways of finding a new love. You can start partying or going out with old friends, to get in touch with your prospective interest.
  • Delete all your past contacts with the person, including emails and instant messenger addresses.
  • Remove all the reminders of your Internet love, such as pictures, letters or any other memorabilia. If possible, throw them away.
  • Delete his/ her account from Orkut, Myspace, Facebook and other networking sites, to avoid viewing constant updates about that person.
  • In order to vent out your feelings, start a daily journal. This way, you won't feel uncomfortable when you talk to other people about your online relationship. Pen down the negative emotions coming to your mind, it will surely make you feel much better.

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