No doubt, break ups can be tragic and tear-jerking, but there are ways to deal with them. Surf through this article to find tips on how to deal with a break up.

How To Deal With A Breakup

The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is a breakup. Not only is it painful and depressing, it brings the life of the person to an almost dead end. All that you start doing is cursing yourself landing with intense headaches, anger, loneliness, and miseries, and, to some extent, finding ways to deal with it, but to no avail. But, know that breaking a relationship is hard on both, the person who initiates the breakup and the person who is at the receiving end. Whatever be the circumstances, a breakup actually breaks your heart. Though the person who asks for the breakup may end up feeling guilty for sometime, but he usually carries on. The jilted is the one who suffers the most emotional baggage. To make things a little easier, we have brought some tips on how to get over your breakup smoothly. Read on to know them.
Tips For Dealing With A Breakup
Accept The End
You have broken up with your partner, but you are unable to digest the breakup. This will drag you down to severe depression, guilt and pain. Thus, accept the fact that your relationship has come to an end, since there is no point hoping for a miracle to take place and things would be normal again. It is time to start coping with the negative feelings within you, rather than dreaming about some magic that would get the two of you back together.
Pamper Yourself
Going through a breakup brings in several negative thoughts and feelings in your heart. You start relating all the happenings around you with negativity. But you need to understand that your life does not come to an end with a stupid breakup. Get up and replace those unwanted negatives with positive feelings. Indulge yourself in everything that you love or which pleases you. Watch movies, go for a world tour, plan a trip to your favorite destination, treat yourself with a body massage or beauty treatment, do good shopping, start a new hobby, and so on. Wash away all your hurts for a while and concentrate on your pleasures.
Give Yourself Time
To overcome your breakup, do not throw or push yourself into a new relationship. Give yourself enough time to heal and come out from the agony and dismay. Looking for a new relationship immediately will only lead to more painful and false relationships. Learn from the old relationship and move ahead. What's more, do not use your new relationship as leverage against the person whom you broke up with.
Connect With Close Ones
You have always left aside the love of your family and friends for the love of your life. Now that you have broken up, you will be surprised to know how amazing and supporting does the love of your close ones feels during this time. It is during this time that you realize how much you had been taking them for granted for the love that is no more yours. Connect with your close friends or look upon bonding with your family members and see how wonderful these emotional bonds are.
Leave Back The Revenge
Falling in love and breaking up happens in life. If you have being through a breakup, accept the fact and do not consider taking revenge on that person. For planning revenge will not bring back your love or reduce your sorrows. Respect the person and forget revenge. Revenge will only keep you connected with that person, never letting you to love ahead in life.
Respect Yourself
Agreed that you’ve had a breakup, but that does not imply you start blaming yourself. Do not hold yourself responsible or punish yourself for such a circumstance. Most importantly, do not ever think of ending your life. Dude, it is just a breakup. You’ll find a better person and partner. Remember, a breakup only indicates that the person was not worthy enough to have you by his/her side and that God has created someone special only for you. Wouldn’t you want to meet that special one? In short, stop cursing yourself. Respect yourself, only to grab another chance of being happy.

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