Dating disasters are the obstacle between you and your soul mate. Read on for the top 10 don’ts of dating that you must steer clear of to ensure a healthy and sound dating life.

Dating Disasters

To date or not to date may have been just a question but what to do and what not to do while on a date is a matter of life and death. For you might just end up with the perfect dream date of yours but doing a few things in the wrong direction is bound to blow your chances right on the very first date! These few wrong things are called dating disasters and they are the danger zones that dating experts warn you against. While a good date has all the potential of getting you the perfect soul mate that you have always longed for, a date packed with disasters might just get you laughed out of the country. Dating disasters not only ruin your chances with the current date, but they also make you a laughing stock in the dating society. If you are due to be on a date in sometime future and don’t want to face any embarrassment just as mentioned above, here is a little help. Read through these tips and stay away from the top 10 don’ts of dating.
Dating Don'ts
Inappropriate Dressing 
Yes, this is the biggest screw up you can make on a date. Please remember that dates aren’t technically the best times to be experimenting with style or new clothes. Stick to the basics - clean, smart, well-ironed and well-fitted. Ladies, please steer clear of revealing clothes - they present you as an eye candy and not someone serious. And please, do not overdo accessories. Stick with either earrings (matching, of course) or a neck piece. Most of all, wear something you’re comfortable in.
Choosing A Bad location
Ok, so you selected that night club for your date which is known just for its loud music, over-loud gentry and terrible food? And now you are wondering what went wrong? Never choose a noisy and crowded place, more so if it’s your first date, because you won’t get a chance to talk and connect. Movies also are a strict no-no. The idea here is to spend time with your date and get to know him/her better than solve mysteries or bring out solutions to the problems faced by the protagonist in the film.
Spending Too Much Money
This one is for the spendthrifts and dudes who think spending is cool. No, spending too much is not always persuasive. You would want to know the person better before you go on a splurging spree for him/her. Spoiling a person unnecessarily is just digging your grave, because it can both repel a good person and attract the wrong one. So, beware!
Talking Too Much
Nervousness on a date is obvious, but an out-of-control verbal diarrhea is not acceptable. You may not realise it, but listening to your non-stop rant can be pretty off putting for the other person. The idea is to have a dialogue with your date and not a monologue about how interesting or boring your life has been. If the date refuses to speak, then you have to make conversations, but make sure they are engaging.

Texting All The Time

Make sure that your phone stays in your pocket all the while when you are on a date with someone new. Answering phones and sending texts is the most offensive thing that can be done on a date. When on a date, your full attention must be focused on your date, even if he/she is a bore.

Planning Too Long A Date

First thing first, remember, a date is different from a day out. And dates must be kept simple. Never plan too many activities beforehand. The first idea is to see if you are hitting it off. As such, indulging in a lot of things on the first date itself would be like going to a discotheque and coming back without even shaking a leg.
Dreary Talks
Make sure you pose to be an interesting and fascinating person, even if you are not the types. You may be of an orthodox mindset religiously or have strong opinions about the way your country should contour its economic and political growth, but dude, know that these are not the best topics for a date. These topics involve opinions and opinions are best reserved for when the date leads to a relationship. On a date, stick with hobbies and hanging out.

Getting Drunk

Stay sober, stay happy! This should ideally be the mantra for your date. No personality has ever improved after alcohol. Rather, the confidence that comes with liquor is quite misleading. It can make you rude, offensive and overbearing. So, keep your judgment intact by limiting your alcohol intake to one or two drinks, lest you get offensive and lose your chances for any further date with the person.
Showing Up Late
Punctuality is an issue here. You don’t expect the date to be very impressed if you show up half an hour post the decided time. However, if there is a genuine reason you can always call in advance and let your date know. And know that choc-a-bloc traffic or intense workload is no reason at all for showing up late for a date.
Complaining About Your Life
No cribbing and no complaining should run your mind while on a date. Dates are to know people better and not to cry over spilled milk. Stay away from discussing your ex, your boss or how boring your job is. And please no financial topics too. Keep the conversation light and positive, to make the other person feel interested and involved.

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