Are you wondering what to say to a guy you like without really making yourself seem blatantly obvious? If yes, scroll down this write up and pick your own cues on things to say to a guy you like.

What To Say To A Guy You Like

If you are hunting for ways to hook your crush, then quit over slogging your grey cells and just punch out a powerful phrase and see him turn into soft putty in no time. However, that does not mean that you mouth all the cheesy dialogues from overly mushy Hollywood flicks, or hire a professional scriptwriter to pen cutesy notes for you. Romantic inspiration, as they say, isn’t engraved on boulders, but often comes out of the blue. Furthermore, at times, all you need are the right feelings to give words to your affections. If you are completely beguiled by that cute guy in office or in the neighborhood and are looking for ways to break the ice and get some excitement rolling, then one of the primary laws of attraction to root for is to go up to him and voice out your feelings. Easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, if you are at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to tease your tongue to put your feelings into words, we suggest you trail down the rest of the article and pick your cues.
Things To Say To A Guy You Like
“You look amazing”
If you think that it’s only women who can’t resist compliments, just try applauding a guy the next time and see him melt in minutes. Like women, men too vie to get noticed and like to lap up compliments. So, if you wish to dart into the heart of this cute looking colleague, or that dashing neighbor of yours, all you have to do is polish up your word-stock and shoot some warm fuzzies and get waltzing into his heart. However, be wary of overpaying your compliments as it might make you come across as a tad bit trite.
“Wow! Where did you learn that?”
Every guy loves to be extolled for his accomplishments. Right from their sensibilities to their artistry and to their innate understanding of cars, gadgets, art, and women, men just loves to be lauded for everything. Once they are assured that they are awfully good at their job, they are likely to become putty in your hands. If you wish to hook the guy you have been eyeing for long, just walk up to him and congratulate him over his polished poker skills or his startling smoke art prowess and see him do a mental somersault right away.  
“I need your opinion”
Nothing makes a man feel more prized and valued than mooching for their opinions. It is just another way of telling them that their views are highly esteemed and worth rooting for. Besides, men have this ‘crackerjack’ opinion about themselves and consider themselves experts in almost anything, from gadgets to finance to workplace issues to hitch-ups, breakups and more. Thus, men feel more validated when you actually consider that they are competent enough to bail you out from your dilemma. However, remember to start with something more interesting than “Which outfit makes me look slimmer: the jeans or the gauchos?” That’s just not fair.
“Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me”
If you are out to impress this guy for good and have him hitched for a lifetime, then a random sampling of your affection every off and on is definitely the way to go. This one line may sound hackneyed and may look straight out of a mushy rom-com. However, if you pitch your words and feelings in a heartfelt way, it is likely to turn his heart into pulp. So go for it!
“I’ll give it a try”
Whether it is about hitting the tubes and sliding down a hill, or sampling exotic delicacies from all around the globe, men love women who are game for new things. This shows that you are confident enough to step out of your comfort zone and you have got a thirst for adventure. So the next time your date offers you to take you out on a street lugging, or asks you to sample something bizarre as lizard wine, you know what to say.

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