Though it is difficult to comprehend things that girls love to hear, it is not entirely impossible to do so. Explore the top things that women like to hear from their man.

Top Things Women Like To Hear

How to make a woman happy? This is not just a question for your philosophical quest, it is in fact a landmine that you are constantly treading on. One wrong move and be assured to be ripped off, but if you know when and what to say around her, then the rewards are innumerable. It really doesn’t matter if you love your girlfriend or partner more than anything in the world, if you have not told her that lately then the chances are, either she is in doubts about your relationship or worse still, she has taken it personally and is burning in the hell of self doubt. You certainly do not want her to feel this way. Because it is just a matter of time that she will burn you off with the same fire, right from the depths of her personal hell. Pour those sweet-nothings all over her, surprise her with a random compliment, tell her she looks absolutely delightful right after she has taken her make off, leave little notes for her on bathroom mirror or on fridge, send her flowers out of nowhere and be a witness to that beautiful-ear to ear-smile on her serene face. It is worth a million troubles, plus it will make you popular with her. It will definitely save you the next time you are out of order, get you some brilliant brownie points. Here in this article, we have put together a few essentials for you. Take it as the holy grail of relationships. If you really want to get it right, then this is all you need to do.
Top Things Women Like To Hear
How Was Your Day, Sweetheart?
Yes, it is that simple. All you got to do is take interest in her 9-5 schedule. Even if she is a stay at home wife, what she does in the time when you are not around is really important for her to be taken seriously by you. Women like to talk, they like to express their feelings and by asking this question you are welcoming her to open up and vent out all her emotions. This would make her feel that you care, which is an extraordinary quality that every woman is looking for in a man. You need to be ready though, more likely than not, that she will talk at length about every minute detail of her day. Be ready to hear a lot of gossip, tackle with a lot of drama, learn ‘who’s a bitch’ and ‘who’s a snitch’. You need to demonstrate a strong listening power and patience.
How Do You Feel About ‘This’ Honey?
She will start to worship you for this. If you develop the tendency to always take her opinions on every issue, whether it concerns her or not, she will start to feel proud of you. She wants to be included in all that you do or you are planning to do. She wants to be an innate part of your life as well as your thinking process. By asking her about how she feels about different issues, you are telling her that she is important; an individual much valued in your life and a smart person whose opinions matter. This will make her feel like she has an understanding and respectful man in her life.
You Are The Prettiest Girl In The World
No, saying that you are a pretty girl or you look pretty is not enough. You need to be hyperbolical about this one. You need to exaggerate it, make her feel like you worship her. This says out loud that no other woman is good enough for you, making her think that she stands on a pedestal in your life. Women have this intrinsic need to be treated specially, like a goddess, like you are working very hard to come up to a level where you can, may be one day, deserve her. When you tell her that she is the prettiest girl in the world then you are automatically cutting her competition with other women around you and her. This will make her super secure and trust us, will make your life much peaceful.
Darling, You are so Smart
This elevates your image, in her eyes, from a shallow-beauty-lover to a man of dignity, who believes that a woman should be aptly appreciated for her brains. In a secure relationship, your woman has a constant urge to be treated equally in the matters of practicality. Although she thoroughly enjoys being pampered and be treated like a princess from time to time, but you have to assure her that you do not take her for a dumb bimbo. When you genuinely appreciate her for her intellect then she knows that she is  very well respected in the relationship and she is an equal.
You Are My Best Friend
This one is really going to make her feel special. It says that you not only think of her as your girlfriend or wife but also take her for your companion in life, as a loving partner with whom you can share all your worries, fears and hopes. This will make her feel warm and loved in the relationship. It benefits you in a way that, it instills in her a sense of friendship towards you. She will be able to think like a friend sometimes rather than as a demanding girlfriend. You can expect some leverage there. You would finally be able to relax around her, sometimes, than be on your toes all the time.
I Love You
This one never gets old. No matter how many times you say it in a day, a simple ‘I Love You’ never fails to make her feel special. The older the relationship, the more is the need for the “I Love You”s to be thrown in here and there. Don’t wait for a special occasion, just drop in a little I Love You in the least expected of the moments. It will make her blush and be reminded of why she fell in love with you in the first place – essentially, for how you make her feel. The next time you see her doing the dishes or flipping through channels on television, tell her you love her and see the magic for yourself.
I Want to Grow Old With You
With this one, she will be your’s forever. This is what women are looking for – stability, commitment, a feeling that you see her in your future. Once a woman feels secure and protected in a relationship then her whole persona changes; she is not anxious about the future of her relationship anymore, she is a little less pushy and more relaxed. You will love her, all the more, like this. Telling her that you want your future with her will make her fall in love with you all over again.
You Will Make a Great Mother
Every woman is motherly in her own way. Women have this undeniable urge to nurture, be giving and care for everyone around them. Validating this constant need in her by appreciating it is sure to make her feel happy. Next time, when you see her playing with someone else’s baby or taking care of plants in the garden, let her know that you adore her motherly instincts. The love you will receive after saying this will be absolutely overwhelming.
Your Cooking Is Fantastic
For all that time she is straining herself in the kitchen to prepare a wonderful meal for you, all she is looking for is a little compliment. Do not forget to let her know that she cooks very well, how thankful you are for it and never ever compare her cooking with anyone, least of all your own mother. But if your girlfriend or partner does not like to cook, never mention that it would have been great if she did. Women who don’t like to cook have already faced the malarkey of the stereo-type ‘women should know how to work’ all their lives. If you too will make her feel the same way, then prepare yourself for a big fight. If she does not cook, then you cook something for her and let her know that she deserves to be pampered.
You are All Mine
While possessiveness is a big turn off, letting her know once in a while that you want her to be all yours, will only make her feel special and wanted. Do not be overtly jealous but sometimes drop some signs that it makes you feel insecure when she is surrounded by other men’s attention. More often than not, she tries to get male attention only to capture yours. She likes it when you come out of your comfort zone and act silly with adorable insecurity. She loved it thoroughly when you, once, chased her relentlessly. Don’t forget to remind her of that, time and again.

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