Wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day this year? Read to know about things that you can do to spice up your love life this Valentine season.

Things to do for Valentine’s Day

‘Valentines Day’- a day when we commemorate the patron saint of lovers ‘St Valentine’ falls on 14th February every year. Come this Valentine season, and everyone is ready to paint the town with mush-mush and romance. Hearts go aflutter as lovers exchange romantic cards, rose bouquets, warm chocolates to other special gifts that this particular day calls for. In fact, it is the best day to renew and spice up that romance in your life because the romantic memories of this day are fondly cherished forever. So, just tell that special someone how deep your feelings run with these simple and oh-so-special Valentines Day ideas.
Things to do for Valentines Day (For Guys)
  • Serve her bed-tea with a ring inside the cup. Don’t forget the sensual kiss that should follow later.
  • Secretly stick a love poem on her bath-gown. Don’t act lovey-dovey before she discovers it. Let her take the initiative.
  • Write a heartfelt, romantic and handwritten love letter and place it on the bedside table with a bouquet of roses.
  • Plan a surprise dinner at a place where she loves to visit. Don’t forget to pick only her favorites from the menu.
  • Cook something special for her at home. Your efforts won’t go unappreciated. Add an expensive wine to the menu.
  • Play some of her favorite romantic tracks as you wine and dine at home. Switch off the TV and avoid watching her favorite sitcoms though.
  • Take her to the nearby beach for a midnight stroll. Slowly get that surprise gift out of your pocket and profess undying love under the moon.
  • Write love notes and hide them all over the house. You will surely make her go on a romantic hunt all around the house.
  • Click a lot of pictures together. Try different facial expressions and make your own Valentines Day album every year.
  • Say the conventional ‘I Love You’ in your own unconventional manner.
Things to do for Valentines Day (For Girls)
  • Dress like a waitress and serve him morning tea with a short romantic message, a fragrant bouquet and a sensual morning kiss.
  • Write passionate love notes on the bathroom mirror with a red lipstick. Let him feel your words as he reads them.
  • Don’t forget to look your best on that particular day. Buy a sexy cocktail dress for the evening and surprise your guy with élan.
  • Prepare some ‘Love Dishes’ that are considered to have an aphrodisiac effect (include strawberry and ginseng).
  • Light a few aroma candles all over the house and play some romantic and melodious music tracks. Dance slowly in each other’s arms and feel the romance once again.
  • Set a candlelight dinner for two. Include his favorite dishes and dessert in the menu. Have soft lighting and make sure there are no disturbances like phone, TV, etc.
  • Give him a rejuvenating body massage with sensual aroma oils. Pamper him like a prince and see how he perks up after the therapy.
  • Guys are always fascinated by gadget and gizmos, so gift him one that he is really going to like or has been thinking of buying since a long time.
  • Take a scented bath together and then visit your favorite club. Dance the whole night away after having some wine and cocktails.
  • Weave the magical web of love with these tips and let your Valentine listen to your heartbeats this Valentines Day. Good Luck!

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