Dating someone for the first time can be full of pressure and rather stressful, which makes us prone to grave mistakes. Learn how to avoid dating disasters.

How To Avoid Dating Disasters

So many of us must have seen in films or even in reality, people who are nervous on their first date either get a total reject status or end up in excellent conversations with the person they hardly know, just because they admit and come to terms with their nervousness. Thus, we can all see that first dates have the possibility of turning into wonderful times that make us want to repeat it, or they can blow up into disasters, which leave us feeling like the butt of everyone’s joke. Since we all admit that what makes both parties in a date nervous is the fact that dating is all about creating the first impressions and scoring well in them, we fear making mistakes, which only compounds the chances of our making graver mistakes than we thought. Such is the power of the mind that the more we try to avoid the issue, the more it resurfaces to show its face. The moment we face it with dignity, the less it troubles us. This is one of the simplest ways to avoid turning dates into disasters. To know more about avoiding dating disasters, read on.
Avoiding Common Dating Disasters 
Here are some tips to avoid common dating mistakes that snowball into disasters:
“Yes, I Am Nervous” 
Since it is almost inevitable for you as well as your date to be a little nervous, especially if this is your first date together, it is better you come to terms with your feelings of nervousness. Many do not acknowledge their nervousness, do not try to come to terms with it and end up making a mess of the whole date and fools of their own selves. Thus, it is best to admit your feelings of nervousness. It’s charming to share your fears, and it makes you more likeable. Dating disasters occur when you’re not being honest or have not been able to trust your date enough with your fears, so try to relax and be yourself. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, just say so.
Dinner? Maybe Next Time 
Most people make the mistake of heading straight for a dinner date with the person they may have only just talked to over the phone. What they do not often realise is the fact that their date or perhaps they themselves may not be too comfortable eating in the presence of someone who they may not know well at all. The very thought of having to eat in the presence of a stranger makes one jittery with fear and the pressure only increases. If you do decide to treat your date to food, you might invite him or her to your home and cook a nice meal. Also, since you do plan to leave a good impression on your date, you may not want to commit any table manner faux pas in front of your date, the threat of which increases when you are nervous, which you most naturally are.
Location! Location! Location! 
The fact that you and your date are supposed to get acquainted to each other better should never leave your mind, which will only be possible when both of you talk. So it is best to invite your date to a place where there will be less din and noise and more opportunity for both of you to talk and get to know each other. That rules out the play, the opera, music concerts, the movies (how juvenile can it get—movies and popcorn!), or any other such noisy event. Safer bets are art galleries, museums, exhibitions, amusement parks, botanical gardens—anywhere you and your date can sit and talk. This way you will be able to get more information out of your date and be in a better position to guess your date’s likes and dislikes, which is more important than we think.
Clean And Sharp 
Remember that neither of you has the right to keep your date waiting; also, it is not too much to ask if your date expects you to be dressed in clean clothes and to look presentable, if not too fashionable. Since dating is all about first impressions which you would obviously want to be in the positive side of, it pays to take care as to what you are wearing and whether it looks good or not. Do not go straight for your date after a session at the gym or a game with the boys (for men). Take at least the pains to take a shower and wear clean and ironed clothes. This way you will not send the signals that you do not take your date seriously.

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