Everyone loves to decorate his home for the holidays. Here are some simple and inexpensive decorating ideas to help you stay within your budget.

Frugal Ideas For Holiday Decorating

Nothing hollers out ‘holiday’ better than a well decorated home. Whoever said that there is no place like home was right. A well decorated home always gives out positive vibes and maximizes the fun to be at home. Twinkling lights, centerpieces, mantles, wreaths lay the stage for a joyous holiday season. Holiday decoration is an art and it has also emerged as one of the essential part of our lifestyle symbols. Holidays are traditionally a time to celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. Decorating your home for the holidays and inviting your loved ones just doubles up the fun. The house takes on a special shimmer when it is decorated for the holidays. However more often than not, shopping for the gifts for our near and dear ones takes a toll on our pocket and the decoration takes a backseat. It is true that gifts are an important aspect of holidays nevertheless; decoration doesn’t have to take a lower stature in our budget. Holiday decoration can be done frugally too. Even if budget and decoration might sound like oxymoron, it is possible and just needs a little bit of time and creativity. There is absolutely no necessity to go into debts in order to decorate your house. Some simple little things can turn your plain house to a fancy decorated one for the holiday. Read on to know for tips for frugal holiday decoration. 

Frugal Tips For Holiday Decorating
The first thing which you need to do is to narrow down on a theme for the decoration. When you have a theme, you can very well confine your decoration to that theme and thus save money on extra expenses. Try to use as much homemade decorative stuffs as possible. Read on the frugal tips for decorating your home this holiday season and make it look awesome!  

  • Make a candy cane vase using an empty coffee can. Fill the can with red flowers for a lively holiday table decoration.
  • For an unusual tree centerpiece, put some bare twigs in a vase and insert cranberries or gumdrops on the ends of the branches.
  • From your backyard, gather pinecones, branches, seedpods, acorns, leaves that suit the color scheme, and arrange them in a vase.
  • Buy a paper that matches your decorating theme and add a coordinating bow for a truly celebratory look. You can also wrap your memorable pictures in any gift-wraps. This is one of the inexpensive ways to decorate your walls.
  • Purchase simple balls with a wide assortment of colors from the nearby market. Fill these into a large open-mouthed vase or a stylish glass bowl. These colorful decorative balls are available very cheaply in the markets. You can also choose and match the theme selected for the decoration.
  • You can make a beautiful centerpiece by a wooden lining bowl filled with colorful leafy greens and winter fruits.
  • Paint your home windows with seasonal shapes by adding little dish soap to a bottle of acrylic paint. In case you are not gifted with painting skills, you can also choose a simple stencil to get the desired shapes. Try to coordinate the colors and shapes with the rest of your decoration.
  • You can also make small bowls of potpourri and decorate your house. Add some allspice, citrus peel, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves.
  • Check out what is blooming in your backyard. Gather flowers from your backyard in a tall glass vase or simple mason jars.
  • Chop the magazine papers into thin strips and tape the ends of the strip together. Continue the process until the chain is long enough for the decoration. This can be one of the cheapest and simple holiday decoration tip.
  • Use a small basket if you have at home or buy an inexpensive one from the market. Grab some pinecones and pine needles from your backyard and fill them into the basket. Add some flowers (dried) to give a touch of elegance.

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