Most people overlook the possibility of committing common mistakes on first date and think everything is perfect. Read about the top common dating mistakes to avoid on first date.

Common First Date Mistakes

So you finally mustered up the guts to ask that special person for a date. All set, you dress up in your best attire, groom well and take extra pains to look good. However, something happens when you are with that person, which makes sure that your first date doesn’t graduate into a second date. You think it went perfect, or did it? Just flashback your memory and think what went wrong. Sure, you took it seriously, but was it too serious? Given below are top common first date mistakes, which, though obvious, remain hidden and unchecked. Go through them and see if it rings a bell!
Dating Mistakes to Avoid on First Date 
  • Cheap Deal
    The worst and most common turn off is, being cheap. Not that one expects a Mercedes pick-up service and expensive champagne on first date. But at least show some courtesy and go to a place that offers decent food, wine and catering. Avoid going to fast food joints as you will be treating your date to cheap as well as junk food.
  • My Ex was…
    Please avoid talking about your ex. There is a good reason why they are called your ex! No one wants to hear you bitch about how bad your ex was, how tortured you were, why you broke up, etc., on the first date. Chances are they may think you talk ill of others behind their backs and might do it behind their backs too.
  • I am So Good!
    Yes, you have a great physique, Greek God looks, are the best basketball player at college, or get appreciated by your boss every second day at work. Your date, however, is not interested in knowing all this! Stop bragging and boasting about yourself. Agreed, you want to make a good impression but you do that without unnecessary frills. Be yourself; if you keep telling him/her this, you will come across as someone trying too hard.
  • Steal the Limelight
    This one is for all the guys. It is the lady who wants to look special and the center of attraction, not you. Let her do the talking and make sure you compliment her. Listen to what she says and respond and you are on your way to earning brownie points and a second date.
  • Meet my Gang
    Sure, you would love to show off your date to your friends but please don’t do that on the first date. Inviting your friends over for a date that is supposed to be special is just about the most ridiculous thing you could do and puts him/her in a very uncomfortable situation. If you have plans to go out with them also, plan it after the date and don’t rush the date just because of that.
  • It’s All About…
    A very interesting topic otherwise, avoid talking about any kind of physical intimacy altogether on the first date. You might just come across a desperate psycho, looking for sexual gratification than a calm and relaxed date.
  •  The Rude Side
    Another mistake to avoid is being rude with the staff or the servers, or even gawking at other girls or guys. You are not only being rude to your date but also sending wrong signals of being non-serious.

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