A good place makes the first date memorable. Explore the article to find some of the best places to visit during your first date.

Good Place For First Dates

If you are not an experienced ‘dater’, then most probably, the first date will drive you numb with anxiety and pleasure. In times like these, you find your brains drier than the surface of the moon. Where to go? What to do? What to say? And sundry other questions clog your mind. You remember the times when you had singlehandedly planned your friend's first date, and now when your time has come, the very tap of ideas has run dry. Your constant worry is to make it a memorable experience and an enjoyable moment for both of you. Traditional getaways like the coffee shop and movies or dinner still hold good, but they are insanely boring, and outdated. Just who would prefer the places that were once the haunt of your uncles and aunts, when they were on a date? To impress and to make a mark, the call nowadays is to go for offbeat destinations, where you have the benefit of privacy to explore each other as well as outside attractions, which have the charm to feed your conversation. These places are not hard to find and also you don’t have to spend a bomb on the same. All that is required is a little bit of adventurous streak in you. To help you decide on a good and attractive place for your first date, check out the ideas given in the following lines.

Good Places To Go On Your First Date

Nature Hike & Picnic
Don’t take nature hike in its literal sense and try out things in the extreme, like climbing a mountain or white water rafting. Otherwise, instead of having a fun date, you two will more likely return strangers. It is a better idea to visit a nature park that is not too far away. Walk and talk, and get to know each other without being distracted. Sit by a mountain stream and dangle your feet in the cold water. Observe nature at its best. Collect flowers and run after butterflies. Show that the child in you is not dead. Also, make sure that you are in easy reach of food and other supplies. Or, carry your lunch and some wine in a hamper. Nothing is more enjoyable than sipping your wine in the soft breeze, with the silence being broken only by the chirping of birds.

If your date is a complete stranger to you, then museum is a bad idea. However, if know that your dating partner leans towards the intellectual side, it can prove to be an interesting getaway. Depending upon your choice, you can choose between art galleries, science museums, and natural history museums. Museums also have interactive displays, which can help you while your time away.

Light Sports
The idea is to make both of you comfortable. So, what better than losing yourself in the game. You can try something light, like bowling, skiing or even golf. Here, remember not to try to outdo each other. At the same time, do not go for team sports - the risk seems so obvious. Anything that is competitive is also a big no-no.

A Zoo Or Botanical Garden
The atmosphere in a zoo or a botanical garden is quite as well as relaxed, without any formality. You can walk together or sit down and talk to each other, without any hindrance, discussing your likes and interests.

Moonlight Strolls
This is, perhaps, the most romantic option of all. Nothing is better than walking together in a moonlit night, near a lake or on the beach. Here, the catch is that he/she should agree to come with you at such an ungodly hour.

If you have the money, hire a yacht and set sail on an evening. You can also hire a boat and go sailing for a day. If you are based near a big river, then chances are that there are river cruises that you may like to try for your first date.

Dinner At Your Place
Do this only if you are a good cook. Cook a choice dinner and invite your date over to your place. Keep good wine or champagne for company. Let the conversation flow as you have dinner in candlelight. Don't forget to have soft music playing in the background.

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