The Earth is a fascinating ball of extremities. In one corner you’ll find yourself shivering and on the other, you’re sweating buckets. Read on to know about the hottest places on Earth!

Hottest Place On Earth

It is not the easiest task to point out the hottest place on earth. Climate is an ever-changing variable that abruptly flickers as the earth rotates the axis? What might have been agonizingly hot and arid yesterday might be relatively cooler today. So yes, the smartest way to arrive at the hottest place on earth would be to consolidate the days and degrees of excruciating heat until we have a clear winner. A meteorological station is the most trusted recording instrument and has given us accurate readings. The majority believe that El Azizia is the hottest place on the earth; it is a partially correct answer since it does indeed contain the highest recorded temperature at a single point of time. However, the moment we take into consideration the average temperature of El Azizia, the final number suggests otherwise. Some people even assume that the equator is the hottest place on the earth since the heating effect of the sun falls mainly in that zone. But this again, isn’t entirely correct! Let’s have a look at some of the lands that continue to receive an excess of the sun’s scorching heat.

Some Of The Hottest Places On Earth

El Azizia
Located in Libya, El Aziza stands out as the place with the highest recorded temperature on the planet. The temperature of this city as of September 13, 1922 was recorded as 136.04° F (57.8° C). Yikes, the mere thought of it makes you cringe and melt into a pile of slimy goo. The heat hasn’t deterred people from living there as this city continues to be a major trade centre. The estimated population of  El Azizia has crossed the 300,000 in 2009 and has been officially labelled as the hottest place on earth where people live!

Death Valley
Heard of the Mojave Desert in North America? Of course you have! Situated deep within this popular desert lies the place recorded with the highest temperature in North America and is called the Death Valley. A deadly temperature of 134° F (56.6° C) was recorded in this region on July 10, 1913. Hence, no name would be more apt than Death Valley! This makes the Death Valley, the place with the second highest recorded temperature on earth and highest recorded temperature in North America.

According to many, El Azizia is the hottest place on Earth while many refute that opinion claiming that Death Valley deserves that title. Located in Ethiopia, Dallol holds the distinction of being the current hottest place with the highest recorded average temperature of 93.92° F (34.4° C). All year round, it is undeniably the hottest place on earth. The ‘Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia’ has declared this place a “Ghost Town” primarily due to the lack of human settlement within this region. There are no roads or railways and the only means of transportation in Dallol are camels. Although roads and railways existed during the first quarter of the 20th century, they were annihilated once the Second World War came into the picture.

Lut Dessert
Researchers continue to assume that hotter places do exist on Earth! The surface temperature recorded by a NASA satellite showed that the hottest place on Earth is the Lut Desert situated in Iran. This desert was recorded with a temperature of 159° F (71° C). However, this place is disqualified from the list of strong contenders owing to the fact that its temperature was measured by a satellite and not recorded using the instruments which are normally used!

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