Forgiving your own mistakes can be very difficult as guilt envelops your mind and makes you unreasonably remorseful. Explore the article to know how to forgive yourself & stop feeling guilty.

How To Forgive Your Own Mistakes

Forgiving your own self can prove to be more daunting that pardoning others. This may be because we have been conditioned to own up for our mistakes and errors in judgment. In such a case, we may also find ourselves being swallowed by the feeling of guilt, as most of us have not been taught how to forgive our own mistakes. Worse, not being able to forgive our faults can make our life miserable, by making us forlorn and sad. Holding ourselves culpable only adds to the misery of committing the mistake in the first place. The article brings you some valuable tips on how to forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty. Read on and learn how to move on in life.
How To Forgive Yourself & Stop Feeling Guilty
Learn From Your Mistakes
Trying to learn from your mistakes is a very healthy way of dealing with them. A reflection of what you have learnt from your mistakes would be a perceptible change in your behavior. Remember that committing a mistake is not a crime, but repeating it, surely is! We learn from our mistakes, as we have to pay a price for them. To err is human and to learn how to avoid the same mistake in the future is also within human capacity. 
Encourage Yourself To Move On
Realize that your life is not going to end or stagnate just because of a mistake of yours. Probably, the biggest lesson life teaches us is to move on. Forgive yourself completely and look forward to the future, which is always brighter and full of hope. Languishing in past will not give you an opportunity to time-travel to the bygone times and change things. Disembark yourself from past mistakes and march ahead!
Share your mistakes
Holding things to yourself will make it increasingly difficult to forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty. You can’t afford to keep wallowing in guilt over your wrongdoings. Remember that your mistakes always add to your experience, as life is a continuous learning process. You can always share your mistakes with others and warn them of the consequence that you suffered from. You will also get a chance to vent out your frustration in a more constructive way.
Unburden Your Heart
If you believe that your mistake is too big to be forgiven and keeping it to yourself is killing you, speak up and lift that burden off your heart. Confess your mistake in front of a close friend, whose guidance you trust and value. A guilt-free existence is only possible when your mistakes are not perpetually weighing on your conscience. Pardon yourself by pouring your heart out before someone you know will make you feel better.
Don’t Judge Yourself
The worst people can do is to judge themselves by their mistakes. Being judgmental equals to being disapproving, rather dismissive of the subject of our judgment. And, it gets worse when we are disapproving of your own self. Always remember that you are not a reflection of your mistakes, which are generic, but a manifestation of the good things that you do in life. If at all you want to grade yourself, do that in a balanced way, not being overwhelmed by your errors.  

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