Easier said than done, but it is neither advisable not relevant to hold on to hurtful feelings for very long. Read on to know how to forgive your cheating husband.

How To Forgive A Cheating Husband

As women become increasingly independent, begin to set the pace of all the romantic relationships they enter into, and begin to call the shots even in marriage, it has become increasingly difficult for men to handle relationships. They are often torn between the image of women as they see in their mothers – the womanly homebody who was content taking care of the kids, and their wives – confident, independent women who rival them even outside the house. And when it becomes impossible for them to live with a woman who is more successful than them, they begin to look the other way, and slowly tread the path to infidelity. Everything goes well till you discover his philandering ways; and then the emotional storm is kick started! The only problem is you still love him. Really? Then why not forgive him? All one needs to do is to follow a few simple steps. Read on to know how to forgive your cheating husband. 
Ways To Forgive Your Cheating Husband
Carry None
There is a wonderful parable about two Buddhist monks who were trying to cross the stream and ran into a woman who could not cross over without getting her shoes dirty, which she didn’t want to. So one monk picked her up in his arms, walked across the river, dropped her to the other side, and bade her goodbye as she bid him a thankful goodbye too. As they walked ahead, the other monk asked him if it was proper for spiritually inclined people like them to touch a woman. To this, the first monk replied”, I left her at the bank of the river, brother. Why are you still carrying her?” Truth be told, it is in everyone’s best interests not to carry hurt for too long.
Feel it Right
Many a times, we fail to understand the reason behind someone’s cheating, not because we are insensitive but because we are so busy nursing our own hurt feeling and basking in the false glory of being a victim. After the water-works (read tears) have subsided, it would be beneficial, if you sat down to analyse why your spouse has cheated on you. You may need to take a hard look at yourself and the way you treated your spouse. You may have to talk to your husband. It may be important to understand that while women look for workable solutions to emotional issues as well, men tend to avoid all emotional problems, and would rather look for the easiest solution possible. That may be the only reason he cheated on you.
Love V/S Revenge
Love is often perceived as fondness – truly, it is, but that’s not all. One huge portion of love will also mean doing things that are in the best interests of your spouse – neither doing just what you would want nor just what your husband would want. You will definitely have to help him go through the process for his own good.
Forgive; Not Forget
The adage does not always work as we all know and accept. If you conveniently forget what your husband did to you, he will do it again. This would also prove that you have learnt no lessons from what life taught you about your relationship and yourself.   

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