Are you doubtful about your dude and planning to get rid of him? Check out the signs to watch out for while deciding whether or not you should dump your boyfriend.

When To Dump Him?

You’ve been going out with your boyfriend for quite sometime. It’s been months and years since you are dating him, but somewhere down the line, you are constantly being nagged about something you don’t know. Your man is cool, fun, and sweet, but you are still doubtful whether he is right for you or not. You trust him but do not see him as your better half. Probably, because his goals and ideology does not match yours, or maybe he is just a big jerk or flirt. Considering all the facts about increasing breakups today, not all are confined to negative thoughts and abusive behavior. Reasons can be that he simply does not fit into your future plans and hence, there should be no compromises on your future, right? Thus, if you are thinking of dumping your boyfriend and giving him the boot, here are some signs that will clear your doubts and make your decision easier.
Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend
Trapped Feelings
You are in a relationship and the decision was voluntary. Thus, you should feel happy and content overall. There shouldn’t be any feelings of incompleteness, unhappiness, or emptiness. However, if you feel unhappy, trapped, crushed, worthless, empty, or just aren’t contented, it is time that you part ways with your partner. If your guy cannot fulfill your emotional needs and lift you up from your miseries, he doesn’t deserve you.
Feelings Are Ignored
Even if you are excited or are just concerned about some issues, your guy will make all efforts to induce you to express your feelings. Further, he will patiently and cheerfully listen to your thoughts if you are depressed or sad. If he is seriously into your relationship, he’ll make all possible efforts to find out what’s bothering you and will try to comfort you. However, if you come back home slamming things around and crying and he simply shrugs it off and asks you to stop behaving rudely, it is a sure-shot sign of him being not concerned about you. Would you want to live with a guy who doesn’t care about your feelings and sentiments? Time to give a thought!
Intentionally Angers You
A healthy relationship is counted by true love and understanding, and not by irritating and annoying you always. If he does something that annoys you and on asking him to stop such behavior does not do so, it sure is a serious matter that requires a serious thought. After all, his purpose shouldn’t be to piss you off all the while, but to respect you for the person you are and not what he can make out of you.
Looks Out For Other Women
You may not be the jealous and green-eyed kind of a partner and wouldn’t mind your guy checking out other chicks. But if a mere looking leads to talking, which, in turn, triggers phone calls, meetings, and so on, know for sure that it is time to be possessive and take matters in your hand. Either you should correct his attitude and behavior, or better start looking out for another guy just as what your guy is doing.
Missing For A Long Time
He hasn’t been around for quite sometime. Or, probably it’s for a few hours or few days. But, if your guy isn’t able to come up with a realistic reason for his absence or is trying to cook up doubtful stories, then you better not give a second thought while dumping him. For, he is into something that he shouldn’t be otherwise doing. It could either be something illegal or something that you wouldn’t approve of him to do. In either situation, the only solution that you can come up with is dropping him off like a bowling ball from a helicopter.

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