Self- determination can help you a great deal in surviving a breakup. With the tips given in the article, you will learn how to survive a break up easily.

How To Survive A Breakup

Breakups can happen to anyone and sure enough, such situations are very difficult to deal with. The loss of a relationship that is close to your heart can be incredibly agonizing. A breakup leads to emotional outbursts, loss of self-esteem and difficulty in concentration. It can also cause anxiety, depression, tension and loss of self-control, thereby deteriorating your health. It will be extremely difficult to have peace of mind, unless you take some serious efforts to overcome the shock that you have received from the breakup. Agreed, surviving a breakup is not very easy. However, if you are determined enough to live a life, even when out of the relationship, you will surely accomplish it. In order to survive a breakup, your wounds caused by the breakup must heal. Check out the useful tips given in the article and learn how to survive a breakup. 
How To Survive A Breakup
Tips For Surviving A Breakup
  • The first step after breaking up is having a good cry over this. You need to cry your heart out and let go of the emotions you feel. Releasing the pain through tears will help you to get stronger in time and this is why crying is healthy for you.
  • Stop thinking about the breakup. Whether the breakup was your fault or the other person’s, it does not matter at this point. Wondering about what went wrong or how the relationship could have been better will only drive you insane and make you unhappy. Get it out of your mind, by talking about it, with your close friends. After sharing the pain, you will feel much better. Friends are the right people who will guide you and help you through this situation. So, surround yourself with your friends and try not being alone, at least in the first few days, as this could make you feel terrible.
  • Agreed, it will be difficult to remove all the thoughts about the past relationship, overnight. However, to move on, it is always wise not to open a closed chapter again.
  • Remember, true friends will support and respect your thought of moving on in life. Therefore, be considerate to share your pain, desires and feelings with them. They will help you a great deal in overcoming the agony and healing the wounds of the past.
  • Stop all contact with him/her through phone and internet, as this is essential for the healing process. Break away from that person as there is no point in keeping touch with someone who only makes you feel miserable.
  • Do not indulge yourself in self-destructive behaviors, such as blaming yourself for the breakup and do not get involved in unhealthy activities. These would rather aggravate your problem, making it difficult for you to recover.
  • Gather up all the gifts, letters, photos or anything that will remind you of your ex-lover and keep it in a safe place, such as your garage or cellar. Do it in such a way that you will not stumble upon them in future. Delete all the messages and mails in your phone to prevent yourself from going through them. You don’t want to remember that awful feeling that you experienced right after the breakup.
  • Stay away from those people and situations, which remind you of the breakup. Now that, you have decided to move on, it is wise not to discuss the matter with those who have a negative opinion on the breakup.
  • Keep your mind engaged. Listen to music, read books or simply chat with your friends. Make a list of activities you enjoy and execute them either alone or along with your friends. The more you keep yourself busy, in doing the activities you enjoy, the faster you will recover. You can also develop new interests and engage in activities you never attempted before.
  • If possible, relocate yourself to a new place. Although, it would take some time, say a few months or even a year, to adjust to the new social situation, you will feel a lot better than being in the old place, which reminds you of all those things about the past that you want to forget. This doesn’t mean that you have to simply avoid those places forever. Once you feel that you have healed, you can come back to the same place and enjoy the same activities as you did before. This will help you to completely ignore the past which reminds you of your ex-lover.
  • Take proper care of yourself. Get adequate sleep, proper diet, enough exercise and ample rest. You can also indulge in meditation. It will increase your mental strength and will relax your body as well as your mind.
Breakups maybe one of the hardest experiences in life, but surviving it is not a herculean task. Follow these guidelines to survive a breakup in the easiest way. You can seek medical help if you find that these tips are not enough.

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