If you are one of those who want to know how to move on from a break up, read these 10 tips for getting over a break-up.

10 Tips For Getting Over A Break Up

Those late night romantic conversations have come to an end. The ‘meeting-up’ on weekend plans have stopped suddenly. Those endless hours of cooking up blissful fantasies have ceased to exist. Reality seems irrational and sometimes you think how wonderful would it be to live in dreams and be cut-off from the real world. A person who has just had a bad break-up from a romantic relationship cannot seem to fathom and accept reality. Constantly mumbling in self-denial, all that they can think of is whether this relation has another chance and a remote possibility of being together again.
It all happens when you think everything is perfect. Suddenly one day, it strikes you like a bolt. For a moment, you loose your sanity and behave like a five year old demanding for his favorite toy at the store. Ultimately you have to come to terms with reality. When the break-up starts to sink in your conscience, you try to hunt for unimaginable ways to make it work. The time period that you have spent together seems irrelevant, be it six months or six years. The pain is still the same. If you are one of those who have just had a broken relation, here are 10 useful tips for getting over a break up.
Clean Cut
When you have broken off and ended this relationship for good, let it remain that way. Don’t go around with hopes of remaining ‘friends forever’. Cut the contact completely, erase their number, delete their e-mail address and don’t try to talk about each other to common friends (if you had any).
Let it Out
Do let out your feelings. It is bad to keep it bottled up inside you, so let out steam. Cry, shout, scream and indulge in self pity. You will find that one fine day when you get up, you will not really burst into tears or mourn over what happened. Instead, you will look forward for the day to begin on a good note and smile to yourself. This is because the bitter feelings have come out of your system and are no longer there to disturb you.
Friends Never Say Goodbye!
This is the time to go back to the friends who have been supportive throughout. They were there to put up with your tantrums and bad behavior and heard you through your weepy tales. Make up for the lost time by visiting friends or calling them up and talking about normal things. You cannot imagine the support and positive feedback you will get from them!
It's Pamper Time
Go to the spa, get a luxurious massage, get a trendy new hairstyle, change your look or go on a shopping spree. Pamper yourself to the hilt. You have the power to heal yourself and make yourself feel good. So, do stuff that will make you happy. Go and munch on that plate of hot piping French fries!
List Priorities
It is time to shuffle your priorities again. Take a leap in your career, do a new course, join a hobby class, learn how to paint, or simply adopt a pet. That way, you will have other things and priorities in life to look forward to and make you feel less miserable.
Take Time
Whoever said time heals everything, has experienced it first hand. Instead of jumping into another relation in order to fill the void, take time to heal yourself and try to get over the hurt feelings. Prepare yourself for another person, but not at the cost of your vulnerability. Become strong emotionally and start a relation only when you think you can.
Be Positive
Think of this ending as a new beginning. Yes, it seems downright impossible, but is not so. With the relationship gone, you can now begin stuff that you really never got a chance to do. Start gardening or dye your hair, just be positive that life is beautiful and will not leave you stranded on cross-roads.
Shun Negativity
Try to let go off any negative thoughts or speech. Don’t think badly about yourself and don’t take any bad comments from others. What happened was probably inevitable or was meant to be. You don’t have to blame yourself for it unnecessarily.
Self Control
Take control of your life and feel totally one with yourself. That is the only way you can start living again and look at the finer aspects of life. Pull up yourself together and organize your life in a proper way. Take help from friends if needed, but make sure you are in control of yourself.
The ‘Second Coming’!
Yes, there are pretty darn good chances of you falling in love again! This time, it will be better as you have already seen the worst. You will have much more idea as to how to take this new relationship on a road that does not lead to failure. Love is too strong a feeling to happen only once!

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