Read this article to know about what platonic relationships/ friendship is and whether it can or cannot exist within a sexual relationship.

Platonic Relationship

The attraction to the opposite sex is so genetically ingrained deep into our psyche that imagining a relationship that’s not tied down by such emotions is quite difficult. Maybe not in plentitude by comparison, but the truth is that platonic relationships do exist. If you have the eye and an open outlook, you will definitely notice it blooming around you.  
In the modern popular sense, a platonic relationship can be described as a non-sexual affectionate relationship between two people of the opposite sex. To be more precise, you can say that it’s a unique kind of bond between a male and a female where the love factor is focused on the beauty of a person's character and intelligence rather than on his or her physical attractiveness.  
A good example of platonic relationship is the bond between a professor and his / her students. It’s not uncommon to come across college students who are an ardent admirer of a particular professor’s teaching style, his or her ideas and personality. Though the love factor exists, it more of the respectful and spiritual sort than carnal.
Just like other relationships, friendship of the platonic type too thrive on the pleasure of being in each other’s company, but the bond between two persons here is predominated by thoughts and imagination. The root cause of love in a platonic relationship lies within the person and not beyond. It is basically this kind of love that is said to have been fuelling the imagination and creativity of poets and artists since time immemorial.    
A lot of people have a tendency to make fun of or view a platonic relationship with suspicion. This is because most cannot accept the fact that a relationship between a man and a woman can thrive without any sexual overtone. Their scoffing is even justified to a certain extent because many a times, platonic relationships are seen to have acquired romantic / sexual undercurrent at a later stage. 

People in favor of platonic relationships have a very unique viewpoint on this particular aspect. Though it contradicts the very definition of what a platonic relationship is or should be, many platonic lovers do not censure sexuality or the erotic in this sort of relationship. Neither do they refute that platonic love can survive only beyond sexual relationship. Take the relationship between two elderly couple for instance, which is based more on the respect they have acquired for each other over the years.

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