A painful break-up can also be a chance for tremendous personal growth. Explore the article to know how to learn from a break up.

How To Learn From A Break-Up

A break-up is a painful experience for both the partners because it takes away the very presence of a person whose thoughts, opinions, behavior, convictions, and physical appearance were essential for you to live. It is more painful when you realize that it is your partner who decided to fade away from your life for his/her own pleasure and satisfaction. A break-up makes you feel like a lesser being because it pushes you to think that you are not good enough for him/her to share his/her precious life. The feeling obviously creates an inferiority complex in your mind, and it leads you to anger and frustration. However, you should understand that ‘break-up’ is really a learning opportunity. If you spend time to analyze the reason for your break-up, then you may be able to avoid the bitter thing from repeating itself again, in your future life. It is said that there are two sides to every story, and it is true in the case of a break up too. On one hand, it hurts you like hell, but on the other hand, it prepares you for tremendous personal growth, like the intense burning process, which goes on making the best steel. Read the article to know how to learn from a break-up.
Break-Up Lessons
Analyze The Problems 
Analyze all the major problems that caused your partner to end the relationship. It may not be so difficult for you to find out the reasons behind the break-up once you start thinking of all the things that led to it. It is better to write those reasons down on a notebook by the level of its importance. This is the first step to do after you break up with you partner. Understanding the problems is the most important lesson that you should learn from a break up. It may be difficult to write them down when you are in an emotional crisis, but think of it as a surgery, which may hurt you a little, but would cure your illness. 

Give Up Cursing
If you think you cheated on your mate, you will be feeling guilty, and you will see yourself as untrustworthy. Cursing yourself is not a good way to escape from this emotional confusion. You should understand that it happened because either you or your partner was not happy in the relationship. It is one of the major factors, which cause a break-up. You can be honest and happy only with the person whom you love a lot. So, the next time, when you are in a relationship, make sure that you really want to be with him/her, and you should be very honest to your partner. 

Rise From The Burning Hell 
If your mate was cheating on you, and that was the reason for the break-up, you don’t have to be depressed. You will obviously feel very hurt and betrayed. Instead, view this situation as a chance to be strong and independent. You should harness your will power to go through it, and once you get through it, you will feel much more relieved and even proud. You should know that breaking up with an unfaithful partner is always the right move. Your bold action will show that you stood for yourself, and you are not someone who is to be taken advantage of.
Serious And Casual Love 
There are some cases where either of the partners does not want to take the relationship to the next level. Your mate may not want to be serious in the relationship or you would feel the need to break out, and this can be the reason for your relationship crisis. From such cases, you can learn that you need to pair yourself up with a person who has similar goals and plans in life. It would be better to get in a relationship with someone who is looking to settle down. If you are not serious, you should look for people who are looking for a casual relationship. 

Keep Your Self Esteem
If you are in an abusive relationship where your partner doesn’t treat you properly, you should learn not to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, and used as a human punching bag. You deserve to be treated with respect and care. It is important not to compromise the happiness of your life by staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about you. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, you have to work on feeling better about yourself before you get into another relationship.

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