How do you know when a guy is flirting with you? Pretty simple, just watch out for his body language. Read on to get tips for identifying the telltale signs of flirting.

Body Language and Flirting Signs

He loves me, he loves me not! If you too are caught in the web of petals, trying to identify what your date feels for you, check out his/her body language and look for all signs of flirting.Did you know that our body articulates much more than words, more so when it comes to wooing? Flirting is one of the potent ways to find a compatible match, whereby one implicitly hurls a romantic hint towards other partner. What better way than decode the body language to comprehend the unexpressed feelings? Body languages unconsciously reflect the innermost feelings and deepest of desires, in a subtle manner. They are reliable indicators that reflect what’s going on in the mind. For instance, if you are attracted to someone, you are likely to act in a way, so as to find out other person’s opinion of you. Understanding body language can actually help you pick cues on your date’s interest or what he/she feels for you? Every little gesture, right from facial expressions to the body postures, can actually convey oodles about what’s in the mind. So, the next time you head out for a date, just remember to watch out for these body signs? Who knows, your date may end up becoming your lifelong mate. Read on for more on body language and flirting signs.
Tips For Identifying Flirting Body Language Signs
  • Nothing can make men go weak on their knees than seeing a pretty woman preen and pose, oh so unconsciously! This is one of the most common charms women unabashedly use to woo men. Flicking their mane, stroking and combing their tresses are some of the uncouth appeals that a man usually finds too difficult to resist.
  • It’s seems and feels almost instinctive for one to fiddle with their locks, earrings, finger rings, neckties, keys while out on a date. This is indeed one of the plausible clues for any signs of interest.
  • Closeness is another telltale signs of flirting. If the guy/gal leans close to you while conversing or interacting, he/she maybe actually sending out signals of interest
  • If a guy or a gal flashes those pearly whites at you every off and on, that means he/she is delighted to have you in his company. Ignite the interest by reciprocating in a similar light-hearted vein. Just blink a smile every now and then and see the person get mesmerized.
  • When attracted to someone, it may not be easy to gaze straight into their eyes. That’s when demure blinks can save your day. If your date is preening sideways, it may be a strong indication of attraction.
  • Do you find him/her making excuses to touch you or hold your hand? Well, touching is a fairly frank sign of flirting. Lightly touching someone’s arm, knee or shoulder shows interest.
  • Every time you are out on a date, does the person hold on to your gaze deeper and longer than usual? If yes, then chances are that the person is having some fun time flirting with you. You know a person is hooked to you if you notice him/her making frequent and long eye contacts. Does not matter if the person is seated across a room or a coffee table, regular eye contact can send butterflies fluttering in the stomach!
  • Do you find him/her staring at your lips or jaw while talking? He/she is probably sending you all the right signals about the intention. Gazing at lips, eyes, jaws and other parts are an unconscious sign of flirting. When you are attracted to someone, you just can’t help, but check out their assets! Look to find out whether or not the guy/gal is eyeing your assets or not.
  • Has your date ever sat silently listening intently to your monologue with a flattered interest and a raised eyebrow? Well, one of the most fascinating flirting cues to watch out for is raised eyebrows. This simple facial gesture, most often treated as inconsequential, may in fact convey more than what is generally understood. Studies confirm that a person actually raises eyebrows, when potential mates come across, thereby unconsciously expressing signs of interest.

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